Urban Farm Bike Tour

Celebrate and document the 350 Garden Action day on a bike!

Start your day on the Urban Farm Bike Tour of  reclaimed land such as vacant lots and sidewalks. See how unused land has been reclaimed for community food gardens throughout San Francisco. This tour is a part of the City Garden Workshop led by Kevin Bayuk of the San Francisco Permaculture Guild. Meet at the only apple tree in Golden Gate Park at 10:30 am on 10.10.10. Bike tour ends at Hayes Valley Farm around 1:30 where bike volunteers will be deployed to garden actions throughout the city.

This event is being documented by a citywide “choose your own adventure” bicycle tour.  Simply look at the map of garden actions and choose a route connected a few or several sites around town.  Arrive at the site to lend a hand, plant a cabbage and take some photo or video or simply celebrate and connect with San Francisco’s Kitchen Gardeners. Photos and video can be uploaded to this website . If you like to bike in a group, you can join a bike tour of kitchen garden actions throughout the city. At the end of the day we’ll meet for celebration after- party at Hayes Valley Farm.

Sign up here to join the Urban Farm Bike Tour. Contact Morgan Fitzgibbons with any bike questions, morgan@wiggparty.org


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