SF BOS City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee Meeting

Of note:
5. 110085 [Hearing – 14 Mission Bus Line Switchbacks]
Sponsor: Avalos
Hearing on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s policies for switchbacks on the 14 Mission Bus Line, including a breakdown and cause for switchbacks, the number of line managers on the ground and their criteria for ordering switchbacks, the actual wait time for passengers who must disembark due to switchbacks, the frequency of delays on the line, and the historic trend of switchbacks on the line.
6. 110096 [Hearing – J Church Street Car Line Unreliability]
Sponsor: Wiener
Hearing on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency J-Church street car line unreliability.


City Hall Hearing Turns Spotlight on Problems Plaguing 14-Mission Line

The thousands of daily Muni riders who take the 14-Mission line continue to endure frequent switchbacks, poor reliability, slow speeds, and overcrowding, but advocates and city leaders are putting a spotlight on the problems plaguing the busy Mission bus corridor, which serves one of San Francisco’s most transit-dependent communities. “It’s the only one of the top […]

This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week, the Board of Supervisors holds hearings on Muni reliability issues, Supervisor Mark Farrell takes you on a tour of his district, David Chiu and Leah Shahum share lessons from Amsterdam, Streetsblog joins a panel discussion on shared-space streets, and Healthy Saturdays kicks off in Golden Gate Park. Here are the highlights from the […]