SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [pdf]

Of note:

1. Formal Policy Discussions with Mayor Ed Lee

3. Transportation Code – Limits for Parking at Inoperable/Broken Meters

25. Planning Code – Zoning – Parking in South of Market and Mission Bay Districts
26. Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Harrison Street
28. Western SoMa Community Stabilization Policy
27, 31 – 34. Cooperative Agreement – San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District


MTA Could Boost Revenue by Enforcing Downtown Commuter Parking Law

Unlike numerous downtown garages, this one adheres to planning code and charges a non-discounted monthly parking rate. Photo: Michael Rhodes. You’d hardly know that it’s illegal to charge discounted daily and monthly parking rates at numerous downtown San Francisco garages because enforcement of the law is almost non-existent. Planning Code Section 155(g) prohibits discount rates […]

Intimidation Deters Some Sidewalk Parking Enforcement

As the SFMTA strives to hone its parking enforcement effectiveness, assaults against Parking Control Officers (PCOs) have remained not only a threat to the safety of civil servants in the line of duty, but also an obstacle to the safety of our streets which they are vitally charged with maintaining. In response to SFMTA Board […]