SF Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting

Agenda [PDF]

Of note:

1. Planning Code - Amending Inclusionary Housing Ordinance to Add NewAlternative in Market and Octavia Plan Area
2. Hearing - Municipal Transportation Agency Regarding Efficiency Improvements to J-Church Light Rail Vehicle Line Service
6. Transportation Code - Car Share Vehicle Parking Restrictions
7. Planning Code - Inner Clement, Outer Clement, and Geary Neighborhood Commercial Controls



SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [PDF] Of note: 3. Planning Code – Vintage Signs 4. Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Brotherhood Way 6. Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Clarence Place 17. Public Works – Temporary Street Occupancy Fees 19. General Obligation Bond Election – Road Repaving and Street Safety -$248,000,000 27. Agreement Amendment – Titan Outdoor for Advertising on San […]

San Francisco’s Own Oil Spill: The Wasteful Hunt for Free Parking

Clement Street: scene of over-parked Sunday afternoons. Flickr photo: Rubin 110 Editor’s note: This will be Michael Rhodes’ last regular post as a reporter for Streetsblog. He’s leaving us for an urban planning career, but hopes to occasionally contribute columns like this in the future. Clement Street. Sunday. Noon. Drivers are circling around the block […]

Will New Trader Joe’s in Nob Hill Bring More Car Traffic?

Trader Joe’s announced last week that it is moving into a new location on Nob Hill, at the southwest corner of California and Hyde streets, where the lease for Cala Foods expires in late December. It’s a dense, transit-rich neighborhood that sits along the California cable car line. Given the popularity of TJ’s four other […]

CPMC Hospital Stirs Concern Over Transit, Traffic, Pedestrian Impacts

Transit advocates have joined a broad coalition of opponents mounting a fight against California Pacific Medical Center’s (CPMC) long range development plan for its San Francisco facilities, decrying the significant increase in parking being proposed, and the attendant impact that will have on traffic, transit and pedestrian safety. They argue the increase in parking supply […]