Today’s Headlines

  • Netherlands Trial Charges Drivers By the Mile: Could It Happen Here? (NYT)
  • Fundraisers Held for 9-year-old Hit-and-Run Victim (KTVU)
  • Harry Reid to California: Don’t Give Up on High-Speed Rail (SF Gate)
  • Peninsula Cities Lawsuit Against HSR Heads to Court Friday (SV Biz Journal)
  • Walnut Creek City Council Adopts New Bicycle Master Plan (Coco Times)
  • BART Warns of Possible Protests Today (Bay Citizen, SF Examiner)
  • More on the New Designs Being Considered for BART Seats from SF Gate 
  • With New Target Store, Changes Coming to Geary/Masonic City Center (BIKE NOPA)
  • Marin Cycling Coach, Mentor to Lance Armstrong, Beats Cancer (Marin IJ)
  • Vancouver Merchants Badly Underestimate Impact of Protected Bike Lanes (NYC Streetsblog)

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  • Charles_Siegel

    The sort of GPS-based congestion pricing that they are trying out in the Netherlands is the only way to deal with congestion.  Congestion is the result of a simple economic principle: if you give away a scarce, valuable resource (such as road space) for free, you will create a shortage for it.  The solution is to price it correctly. 

    Using this method to eliminate congestion would dramatically reduce the pressure to expand freeways – the conventional idea for dealing with congestion, which does not work.

  • John Smith

    Nothing from Streetsblog on how the elderly woman hit by the red-light-running cyclist has died?

  • We broke the story this morning on Twitter, which was retweeted by the Bay Citizen writer, and are currently working on an article.

  • You may have broken it on twitter, but its omission from the daily headlines is suspect. And this is coming from someone who rides to work on a daily basis. It could have been linked here and followed up with a story.

  • The Bay Citizen story was published at 10:42 am. There was no other story about it at the time that I could have linked to in headlines. If you read my comment carefully, you’ll see that I said I am working on a full post. 

  • High-speed rail is on its deathbed, and good riddance! Looks like even Governor Brown is becoming disenchanted with the pricey boondoggle. From the Mercury-News story you linked:
    “Gov. Jerry Brown’s office declined to comment Tuesday. But those who have talked to Brown—once an ardent supporter of the plan—say he is now torn on the project as he struggles to balance California’s finances. California has less than $13 billion in state bonds and federal grants for the project, and critics doubt the state will raise enough money even if the project’s price tag stays the same. The state also faces lawsuits from Peninsula and Southern California towns to block the project, while Kings County in the Central Valley is so fed up that it has asked federal officials to intervene.”

    The annual interest the state would have to pay on the $9.95 billion in bonds authorized by voters in 2008: more than $600 million! Only a San Francisco progressive can think CHSR is a good investment.