Hundreds Pay Their Respects to Emily Dunn, Woman Killed by Muni Driver

Photo: Bryan Goebel

Last Saturday, a standing-room only audience of 750 people turned out at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia to pay their respects to Emily Dunn, the 23-year-old woman killed by a Muni driver on August 19 while she was walking in the Castro. Dunn, who had just moved to San Francisco to start a new life, was just a step away from the curb when she was run over at Hartford and 18th streets.

The Muni driver, who hasn’t been identified, apparently violated protocol, and was driving on his own directions, according to the Chronicle, and several other reports. Muni buses don’t normally turn up Hartford from 18th. To date, neither the SFMTA or the District Attorney’s office has issued a public update on the investigation, but the operator has been placed on non-driving status.

“Emily was doing nothing wrong; no cell phone, no texting; middle of the day; observing the crosswalk,” her father, Chris Dunn, wrote in an email to Streetsblog. “She was only 12 inches from the curb. We will never understand God’s reasons. Obviously better training, procedures, instructions, fewer left turns, and a lot of other things can help to prevent anyone else from being taken.”

Dunn said he has not heard anything from Muni about the state of the investigation. A sidewalk memorial of flowers, candles and photos of Emily was still present at the corner of Hartford and 18th.

“My wife, daughter Amanda and I were so thankful for all the people who have reached out and shared memories with us,” Dunn wrote. “If you talked to people who knew Emily they would tell you she was full of life, always on a spiritual journey. She followed her own path but touched so many on her way.”

Dunn asked that we share the audio of the homily from his daughter’s memorial service. It was given by the Reverend Steve Allen, a chaplain at the Lovett School Emily attended from kindergarten through high school.



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