GreenTRIP Session at California American Planning Association Annual Conference

From TransForm:

Moving Forward: A Tool for Estimating VMT Reduction
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In recent years the planning profession has witnessed an extraordinary shift in environmental goals and land use priorities across all levels of government. Coupled with changes in regulatory requirements, there is a continued emphasis on planners to adapt and evolve. In specific, the need for more thorough and accurate information is ever increasing. This session provides a multi-layered look at the efforts behind a VMT reduction measurement tool that documents and quantifies the expected effects of selecting and combining transportation impact mitigation strategies.

The tool was developed for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, building on research from a new California Air Pollution Control Officers Association report “Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Measures –A Resource for Local Government to Assess Emission Reductions from Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Measures”. This simple yet quantitatively rigorous tool is applicable for climate action planning; multi-modal transportation planning; land use planning; and can help inform an environmental impact analysis. The tool is intended to be used for better capturing the benefits of infill development, which in turn, enhances local planning efforts, supports regional goals, and advances the implementation of SB 375.

This session will also feature GreenTRIP an innovative new certification program by TransForm.  GreenTRIP rewards multi-family mixed-use developers providing the most effective traffic reduction strategies.  Instead of providing more parking than needed for transit accessible communities, developers invest in free transit passes or carshare memberships.  GreenTRIP certification demonstrates how a new generation of trip modeling tools can be translated for the general public in order to support more affordable homes in the right places. GreenTRIP helps transit-oriented-development deliver on its promise of reduced driving.  It also helps limited public housing resources go towards building more affordable homes for people instead of cars.


Tien-Tien Chan, Transportation Engineer/Planner , Fehr & Peers

Ian Peterson, Environmental Planner, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Ann Cheng, GreenTRIP Program Director, TransForm

Julia Lave Johnston, Co-Director of the Land Use and Natural Resources program at UC Davis Extension


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