Today’s Headlines

  • First Class of Muni Part-Time Drivers About to Hit Streets (SF Gate)
  • SFMTA Considers Raising Parking Ticket Fines (City Insider)
  • Chronicle Story on Prop. B, Streets Bond Measure on Nov. Ballot (SF Gate)
  • BART Officials “Defend Tactics at Protest” (SF Gate)
  • John King: “Union Square Portal to Subway Designed to Blend In”
  • Boy Hit by Shuttle Bus Driver “Expected to Survive” (SF Examiner)
  • Scaled Back Bay Area Toll Lane Proposal Moves Forward (Coco Times, SF Gate)
  • Scott James: “Clipper Card Hits Headwinds” (Bay Citizen)
  • Chris Carlsson Attends the “Toward Car-Free Cities” Conference (The Nowtopian)
  • Great NY Times Op-Ed on JSK’s Work as Transpo Commissioner in New York City
  • BIKE NOPA: “Summertime Weather Swells Turnout for NOPA’s Sunday Streets”
  • Bicycling in Redding Reaches “Potential Coming of Age” (

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  • Peter M

    The Central Subway Union Square station article mentions a ridiculous 50,000 riders a day at that station. That’s almost twice the Muni ridership at Powell, and significantly more than the combined ridership of the 30 and 45 over their entire routes (35,000)

  • icarus12

    I think that’s because, rightly or wrongly, the SFMTA is projecting population growth in the southeast portion of the city, as well as increased numbers of jobs downtown.  Not sure those folks will be traveling regularly through Chinatown, but the line as a whole could be a very good thing for making the SE to NE trek more accessible.  Looking forward to the next 30+ years and hoping the bus rapid transit routes or rail gets built all over the city.  I will certainly be using it more when I’m older than I do now.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.. I’ve heard complaints that the current design limits the number/length of trains that can be run and the number of people who can get through the tight stations. Is it even realistic to get 50,000 people through?