Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Man at Mission and Excelsior Streets (SF Examiner)
  • Driver Backs Into Man in Chinatown, Causing Life-Threatening Injuries (BCN via Appeal)
  • Palo Alto Police Cracking Down on Drivers and Peds at Schools After Death of 6-Year-Old (CBS 5)
  • Muni’s Metro East Maintenance Yard Not Operating at Full Capacity (SF Examiner)
  • SFBG: Bevan Dufty’s Mayoral Campaign Ad Is a “Love Poem to Muni”
  • SFMTA Unveils Five of 11 Planned On-Street Carshare Pilot Parking Spots (CBS 5SFGate)
  • Park to Re-open Today at Former Freeway Ramp Site Near Embarcadero (SFGate, BCN via Appeal)
  • Grad Student Demonstrates Against Sit/Lie Law With Park(ing) Day-Style Bed (SFBG)
  • Santa Rosa City Council to Consider Bike Parking and Shower Requirements (Press Democrat)
  • Transportation a Key Issue in Tiburon School District Board Race (Marin IJ)
  • Gov. Brown Signs “Buy-America” Bill for Transit Vehicles (CoCo Times)
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  • Anonymous

    Another pedestrian killed by an automobile in the city and not even a blurb on SFGate.  This is just par for the course.  You’ve gotta break a few eggs (pedestrians) to make an omelet (the utopian world of automobile transportation).

  • Anonymous

    A buy american proposal for rail and buses? How quaint. How 1970s. And how many American companies produce rail cars and buses and systems? 


    Sure, some foreign operator may open a plant here, but even the US Senate rail line under the Capitol was built by Canadians because no US companies are in that business.

  • TN

    The Gillig Company (LLC) of Hayward, CA produces transit buses.

    There was a lot of lobbying of AC Transit against its purchase of Van Hool vehicles. I assume that some of the political pressure was sponsored by Gillig.

  • EL

    It appears that in both pedestrian collisions, the pedestrians were
    jaywalking.  Both Mission/Excelsior and Kearny/Washington have traffic signals. 
    Here’s the SFGate article for Mission/Excelsior:


  • mikesonn

    @aab6d03eb78119ada48b049629f44938:disqus You should get some sort of award.