Help stripe bike lanes on The Alameda in North Berkeley

From EBBC:

Do you bike to the North Berkeley Library or Northbrae Community Church? Shop by bike on Solano Avenue? Or do just want to be able to safely walk across The Alameda? The City of Berkeley is ready to make The Alameda a much more walkable, more bikeable street, as part of its 2012 scheduled repaving. But, they first want to know if it’s your priority.

What you can do:

  • Come to the October meeting of the Berkeley Transportation Commission and support our efforts to make this high-speed stretch of roadway safer for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

    Berkeley Transportation Commission
    Thursday, October 20, 2011
    North Berkeley Senior Center
    MLK Jr. Way & Hearst

  • Send an email of support to:

    Farid Javendal
    Head Transportation Planner
    City of Berkeley Public Works Department

The Alameda has high-speed traffic, as well as traffic that is distracted from the pedestrians and bicyclists using the street, due to its wide expanse and the fact that it allows drivers to accelerate quickly as they go to and from home. This can all change for the better. Neighbors of the street have called for traffic calming and if fact one parent, while walking their daughter across the street, was hit by a driver making a left-turn onto The Alameda. A road diet on this street would greatly decrease this type of driving. Help us by coming to the October meeting of the Berkeley Transportation Commission or by sending an email of support.


The entrance to the Posey Tube. Cars transitioning from the tube to I-880 turn Oakland's Chinatown into a traffic sewer. Image: Alameda County Transportation Commission

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