Today’s Headlines

  • CA Supreme Court Decision Could Kill Redevelopment Agencies for Good (SF Examiner, CoCo Times)
  • The Bay Citizen Covers the Windshield Perspective on SFPark
  • Muni Buses on Stockton Detoured for Next Four Years (SF Examiner, SFGate)
  • The Conclusion to SF Examiner‘s Man vs. Muni Series: Redemption Against the 30-Stockton
  • Two Separate Crashes on the T-Third Line in One Morning (ABC 7, Mercury News)
  • SFMTA Installs Red Light Camera at Fell/Masonic, Upgrades Crosswalk at Oak (SF Examiner, PPS)
  • SF Chronicle‘s John King Takes a Tour of Parklets Throughout the City
  • Scofflaws Owe SFMTA $38M in Unpaid Parking Tickets (SF Examiner)
  • Driver Faces More Than 9 Years For Killing Man Under 101 Near Portero/C. Chavez (SFGate, Merc)
  • Driver Who Killed William Cox Pleads Not Guilty (Bay Area Reporter)
  • Driver Kills Nelson Jose Munoz, 49, in Crosswalk on Skyline in Daly City (SF Examiner)
  • San Mateo Developing Pedestrian Safety Plan (SF Examiner)
  • GG Bridge Bike Path to Be Shut Down Again (ABC 7)
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  • mikesonn

    Again, not happy about the 30/45. Did anyone hear about this before last week? Seems like something that should of been public knowledge a long time ago so that people can plan accordingly. This is going to add at least 5-10 min (depending on time of day) on a ride from NB to Caltrain.

    Only positive is that there will be an 8-Stockton shuttle, which is what Muni should be doing instead of the CS anyway. Low-floor buses that go from Union to Mission, south on Stokton/4th and north on 3rd/Kearney. Add in a transit-only Stockton and you’ve just saved yourself a billion and a half.

  • thielges

    Also in the news Caltrain experienced its first suicide of the year last night on #804.  Though the two hour delay was a big fiasco for the passengers, Caltrain staff did a great job keeping everyone informed and evacuating to a backup train.

  • mikesonn

    About GGB work, why wasn’t this done during the last closure?

  • Anonymous

    Re: Driver Who Killed William Cox Pleads Not Guilty

    Or rather, re: the intersection of Cesar Chavez, Potrero, and 101 …

    I’m not sure exactly where this accident happened, but I ride through here a lot heading west on Cesar Chavez (heading east, I feel safer just staying on Cesar Chavez) and the intersection is an absolute disaster for pedestrians and cyclists. Every time I take the bike bridge from Cesar Chavez up to Potrero, then cross Potrero at the light (which takes way too long to respond to pedestrians/cyclists hitting the button), I feel like that little strip where cars are turning fast onto Cesar Chavez west where the island is is absolutely horrendous. Cars take that turn so fast and it is inevitable one of them is going to hit a pedestrian or cyclist when they swing too wide. In fact, I already saw a pickup truck (about a year ago) that had taken the turn too wide slam into the huge concrete supporting holding up the overhead freeway; if a pedestrian or cyclist had been there, they would have been seriously injured if not killed.

    We cannot tolerate this. Since there are in the midst up (finally) fixing up Cesar Chavez, this intersection needs to be made safe for cyclists and pedestrians. If nothing else, and as ugly as they are, concrete barriers need to be setup to protect pedestrians and cyclists from cars on that island. It is disgusting that pedestrians and cyclists are literally sacrificed to the almighty auto traffic gods so that the damned cars can move fast.

  • I agree, the amount of recent closures to this lane with no real replacement is approaching ridiculous. 

  • mikesonn

    Got a response from Central Subway about bike access (original question was about southbound route from Stockton Tunnel to Caltrain):

    “Although Stockton Street will not be closed to cyclists, we strongly recommend bicycle riders use an alternative route when heavy construction for the Union Square/Market Street Station begins later this year. It will be extremely difficult for cyclists to navigate through that part of the corridor (on Stockton Street from Post to Market streets) due to construction activities for the station and headwall installation. For safety purposes, it would probably be best to use another route between those blocks.”