Today’s Headlines

  • UCSF Shuttle Driver Charged in Kevin Mack’s Death (SF Examiner, BCN via Appeal)
  • Drunk Driver Who Crashed in Muni Tunnel Arrested (Bay Citizen, CBS News)
  • Skateboarder Killed by Truck Driver After Running Red, Hitting Bump in Tenderloin (SFGate)
  • Driver Seriously Injuries 61-Year-Old Woman in Crosswalk at Fulton and 37th Ave. (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Powell Street BART Station Facelift Continues (SFGate)
  • Op-Ed: Market Street Is No Place for Cars (Huffington Post)
  • Streets in the Mission Set for Repaving, Business Owners Worry About Parking Loss (Mission Local)
  • GJEL Attorneys Does a Web Chat With Heads of Walk SF and California Walks
  • Ocean Beach Plan, Including G. Highway Road Diet, Could Get State Grant (Ocean Beach Bulletin)
  • SFO Airport Bike Lanes to Get Improvements (Holier Than You)

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  • mikesonn

    Did the driver who hit the woman on Fulton get a ticket at least? The move he pulled is very very dangerous and all too common.

  • Mario Tanev

    Ticket? Gascon needs to charge him. That’s reckless endagerment and
    gross negligence and he should go to jail. If there is a car stopped at a
    crosswalk, you should stop and wait for pedestrians. He needs to be
    sent to jail and now is the time for Gascon to prove he cares about road

  • mikesonn

    Mario, I completely agree. However, SFPD just giving a ticket would be a marked improvement. I was setting the bar low.

  • Sprague

    The drunk SUV driver who screwed up the commute for tens or hundreds of thousands of commuters yesterday morning should also be held accountable for the added expense his stupidity cost Muni.  I know that motorists who delay streetcar operations in Vienna, Austria are billed for the costs of such delays.

  • Sprague

    Thank you, Murphstahoe, for advocating for and then publicizing the resulting improvements to bicycle infrastructure at SFO.  And thank you to the airport for being responsive, conscientious and willing to correct mistakes.

  • I agree. Not only were all the poor transit riders made miserable, but the entire Castro area was a mess with traffic backed up north/south just trying to get across Market Street. Perhaps this lone person from Sebastopol, drunk at 6 am in the morning (How? Aren’t bars closed between 2am and 6am?) didn’t inconvenience the entire population of San Francisco but he certainly managed a good portion of it. Can we convince people who want to drive drunk not to come to the city especially to do it?

  • I nominate the SFO people for public administrators of the year. In the meeting with them it felt like I was in an alternative universe where public employees actively sought input from the public and were very eager to utilize it.

    They have already made some very simple very useful fixes. There are several metal grates in the bike lane that can be an issue if you ride directly over them, but they can be avoided if you see them. Thing is, they blend in with the color of the asphalt and you see them at the last minute. They outlined them with yellow paint and there is a real difference in visibilty. Certainly the preference is a new drainage strategy but that’s a lot of money – this was $20 in paint.

  • Another thank you, Murphstahoe.  My husband rides to the airport regularly and is benefiting from these improvements.

  • Interesting presentation on Warm Planet Bikes at the Caltrain station, with some great photos. The facility is in jeopardy – needs a subsidy from Caltrain, though subsidy is a misleading word when you consider the fare revenue generated by users of the facility. As you can see it’s been so successful that the retail operation has been crowded out.

  • Aaron Bialick

    Stay tuned to Streetsblog next week!

  • Anonymous

    The driver is 79 years old.  Sending him to jail seems a bit harsh of a punishment.

  • @pchazzz – apparently SFPD thought a ticket was too harsh a punishment.

  • mikesonn

    The woman getting hit just trying to cross the street isn’t too harsh? Talk about an apologist.

  • The Greasybear

    Pchazz is simply repeating our civic mantra: beloved are the crimes of the motoris, for they bring us such wondrous pollution, injuries and deaths! 

    *Any* punishment is too harsh a punishment for those who cause the most harm to the most people on San Francisco streets. I say we tear down all the Victorians so we can increase the square miles devoted exclusively to free car storage. It’s only fair.