Exhibit Opening: “A Walk Along Cesar Chavez Street (The Cesar Chavez East Community Design Plan)”

“A Walk Along Cesar Chavez Street (The Cesar Chavez East Community Design Plan)” is the result of a Service Learning Class conducted by artist Sergio De La Torre, entitled ARTIST AS CITIZEN: DOCUMENTARY PRACTICES. In this class, students from the University of San Francisco work together with a local non-profit and develop projects that help them understand social and political issues around the city. Working with the San Francisco Planning Department, the Cesar Chavez East Community Design Plan details a community vision for an improved and imagined corridor between the Bayview and Mission neighborhoods, including transit design, economic growth, and neighborhood camaraderie. Join us as we explore the ways in which simple connections can bring tremendous hope.


Unclogging the Cesar Chavez Traffic Sewer

A 14′ median with trees will be added to Cesar Chavez when the bicycle injunction is lifted One of the many casualties of the bicycle injunction has been the community led plan for reconstruction of Cesar Chavez Street between Guerrero and the 101.  Over the past five years, community groups led by CC Puede, the […]

Hairball Study Coughs Up Ideas, Memories

Click to enlarge. Bird’s-eye view of the hairball shows how much real estate it takes up and how it creates a daunting barrier between neighborhoods. Photo: mike.teczno.com. “You can’t get there from here” is a joke phrase, but trying to travel through the Highway 101 freeway maze at Cesar Chavez/Potrero/Bayshore is no laughing matter. Four […]