Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. Boxer Speaks at Ferry Building, Calls for Passage of Senate Transpo Bill (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Muni Operators Sue Against Proposition G Again (SF Examiner, SFGate)
  • SFPD Running Decoy Stings to Catch Drivers and Cyclists Not Yielding to Peds (Uptown Almanac)
  • Plan Would Widen Sidewalks at Market and Dolores Streets (Mission Local)
  • Driver Crashes Into Pole at Mission and 26th, Occupants Arrested (Mission Local)
  • Two Crashes on 16th St. Last Night: Pedestrian Victim “Wasn’t Okay” (Mission Local)
  • Woman Hurt Squeezing Between N-Judah Train Cars in Inner Sunset (SFGate)
  • Man Killed On Interstate 580 In Pleasanton (CBS 5)
  • Do Bike Paths Promote Bike Riding? (Yes, They Do) (Atlantic Cities)
  • Report: U.S. Transpo System ‘Insufficient’ to Meet Mobility Needs of Elderly Drivers (GJEL)
  • The Overhead Wire Bemoans High Housing Costs in Walkable San Francisco

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  • J

    Re: the Market & Delores bumpout plan

    I find it sad that there is opposition to something as small as sidewalk bumpouts. Who are   the people opposing these very basic, no brainer, ped improvements, which come at no cost to the taxpayer? It is mind boggling to me.

  • mikesonn

    Karen Knowles-Pearce of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, a group that represents approximately 300 residents and opposes the project, said that the bulb-outs are unnecessary.

    The extensions are intended to shorten crosswalks, but “people can already rest at the medians if they get tired,” Knowles-Pearce said.

    >Let them wait in the middle of the road!

  • It looks like the concern is that cars waiting to get into the Whole Foods parking lot will create a queue on the road that extends all the way back to Market Street, so that right at Market Street (where Dolores will be narrowed to just one lane to make room for the bulb out) traffic will be entirely impassable.

    The solution?  Fine Whole Foods $10,000 every time a car queues in the street to get in its parking lot. Then there will be no cars queuing on Dolores because some Whole Foods person will be out on the street frantically waving them away.

  • mikesonn

    Every WF (or TJs or whatever) should have that already. And they should charge for parking.

  • Fine Whole Foods $10,000 every time a car queues in the street to get in
    its parking lot. Then there will be no cars queuing on Dolores because
    some Whole Foods person will be out on the street frantically waving
    them away. 

    The guys on 24th wave pretty frantically, but the drivers stopped in the middle of the street waiting to park are too busy with their cellphones to notice.

  • Anonymous

    Re: SFPD Running Decoy Stings to Catch Drivers and Cyclists Not Yielding to Peds

    I don’t understand why they are focusing on Market St, as the places where pedestrians have the most trouble are at uncontrolled crosswalks where there is no stop sign or traffic light for cars. I’m not sure if there are any intersections like this on that street. Also, I would love to know if the SFPD sting extended to taxi and MUNI bus drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians when making their right turns off of Market.

    If they really want to educate drivers and force a little more respect for the law, they should go to an uncontrolled crosswalk and I guarantee they will find literally hundreds of ticket opportunities. I could probably stand at one of those all day waving my hands and only get a couple folks to stop for me. Even then traffic on the next lane over would probably still speed by, making it less safe than if nobody had bothered to stop at all.

  • From my observation, the new Whole Foods on Stanyan has been doing a pretty good job keeping a queue from forming on the street, although I rarely pass by in the early evenings or on the weekends so I can’t say how well it works then. I’ve never seen the guy at Whole Foods on 24th street actually tell people to drive on, no stopping here. (Perhaps he does and I’ve just not seen it?)

    In any event, there is indeed usually a line of cars clogging 24th street waiting for the tiny parking lot. People wait ten minutes to park, and then literally 90% of them buy one bag or less of groceries, a quantity simple to transport home on foot or by bike. If the Noe Valley Whole Foods charged each vehicle $5 to park (except the disabled, the elderly, and people buying over $100 in groceries–of course these days $100 might only fill up one bag), the congestion would die down, there would be more foot traffic (good for other businesses on 24th street), more bicycle traffic and less pollution, (good for everyone’s health) and 24th Street would be much pleasanter for everyone. On the whole, I hope the project on Market and Dolores goes through so as to take some of the pressure off 24th Street.

    I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s on Masonic gets away with what amounts to 15 extra parking spaces on Masonic. Personally, I’d be glad to pay $3 to park there.  Then I’d have extra incentive to bike, and the times I did drive, I wouldn’t have to wait 10 minutes to park. At least at Trader Joe’s a sizeable number of people are buying a whole lot of groceries.

  • Karen – notice the problem is much more acute once the clock strikes 6 PM. And on Sundays. Noe Valley is ground zero for needing extended meter hours.

    That doesn’t explain the delivery truck I saw double parked on 24th Street pointing the wrong direction this AM. It had an open loading zone on the side of the street they were delivering on, but that would require them to 1) turn around and 2) walk the dolly with the deliveries an extra 20 feet. The entire opposite side of the street was completely empty due to street sweeping. What does this say about enforcement of double parking if a delivery driver will double park on the wrong side of the road instead of parking in a spot under street sweeping control. Le sigh.

  • Sloat – by the San Francisco Zoo should be ground zero for such a sting.