Today’s Headlines

  • With Reservations, Planning Commission OKs CPMC to Start Getting Permits (SFGate, SF Examiner)
  • Bicyclist Who Killed Ped Recounts Story in Online Post (SFBGSFGate)
  • SF Bike Coalition Issues Street Safety Statement Regarding the Crash
  • Driver Critically Injures Woman on Mission Street in Excelsior (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Muni Marks Centennial With Its First Streetcar (SFGate)
  • Even SFPD Officers Apparently Think Rolling Stops on a Bike Are Fine (Uptown Almanac)
  • Transbay Transit Center Plans Bus Storage Facility (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Southern California Adopts Sustainable Communities Strategy (LATAP via SFGate)
  • Local Coverage of USPIRG’s Study Showing a Loss of Interest in Cars (SFGate, BCN via SF Appeal)
  • SMART Construction Set to Begin in Santa Rosa (Press Democrat)

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  • Anonymous

    Re: “Even SFPD Officers Apparently Think Rolling Stops on a Bike Are Fine”

    I don’t know what more evidence people need to see that all cities, but especially SF, need to transition to the Idaho Stop law. Everyone, regardless of ability or age, as soon as they get on a bike realizes it is completely pointless to come to a complete stop at a stop sign if there are no pedestrians and no cars to which to yield. And even if there are cars or pedestrians there, there often is no need to completely stop but one can just go really slow until the intersection clears and the right of way is obvious. (The only people that do stop at stop signs at empty intersections are those that are intent on following the letter of the law and are worried about getting a ticket … I guarantee that if you adopted the Idaho Stop Law, they too would no longer bother to stop at such empty intersections.)

  • Justin

    Holy shit.  How are there no comments on the Mission Cycling prick who killed that ped and then wrote a post kind of bragging about it?  We would absolutely barf and jump all over any motorist who wrote such a post about how they were biking way too fast in the city and creamed someone.  You’re riding in the city, prepare for that light to turn yellow and if it is a big intersection with lots of ped traffic you better prepare to chill the f*ck out and wait on them.  As a cyclist I’m sickened.  Slow the f down and quit being such a f*ing roadie in the city.  Get a city bike and act like a human being.  Ugh.  – Justin E

  • Justin

     Mission Cycling has posted a response to Chris B’s gross post and says that he is no way associated with their club.    – Justin E

  •  I’m pretty sure there are a couple of thousand of comments on various sites. Want to go for another 500?

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. The kicker is the Strava data that shows he was doing 35mph through the intersection. Like most of the city, the speed limit is 25mph- obviously you can’t stop in time for changing lights if you’re doing 10mph over the speed limit.

    Even if he legitimately could not have stopped in time for the lights he should have been prepared to yield at the crosswalk. The intersection is huge and he would have had plenty of time to slow down. No excuse for this collision.

  • This won’t tamp anything down, but he was using an iPhone as a GPS device, not a Garmin with a speedometer on his wheel. My understanding is that the iPhone samples every 3 seconds. The accuracy on the riders instantaneous speed could be off by 10+ MPH. This is not to imply he was going 25 MPH, or that he was going 45 MPH. Just that the speed listed on the track is not gospel.

  • Anonymous

    I think there’s unanimous agreement here that they should throw the book at this guy. He was way too careless and that is totally unacceptable (and, to top it off, by his comments he posted online afterwards, he didn’t seem appropriately remorseful). It’s tough being a cyclist in this city (and in this country) with all the crap one has to take while trying to ride, but that has got nothing to do with this incident and I have yet to see anybody here defend this guy. And if you look at the hate-porn going down at, for example, it’s clear that there’s already plenty enough outrage at this incident. What more do we need to say?

    But what’s amazing is that little poll on the side of the article that asks: “S.F.’s dangerous streets: Who’s most responsible?” And to epitomize just how biased readers are (which presumably don’t represent the rest of the city, but who knows ….) the answers are (as of 5:15pm today):

    Motorists (210) 18%
    Bicyclists (333) 29%
    Pedestrians (40) 3%
    All of the above (582) 50%

    Amazing. It’s unscientific, but 80% of SFGate readers think that bicyclists are as dangerous or more dangerous than cars, even though they have cause a fraction of the injuries and deaths in SF. What is there to say to that? Imagine if these lynch-mob types were actually in charge of things ….

    But my thoughts go to the family and friends of Sutchi Hui. Such a needless death. And I hope the DA charges this cyclist manslaughter. But that also better not have anything to do with keeping this city moving forward with better bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure and reduced car-centricness.

  •  Police sources tell us the file forwarded to the district attorney
    includes the name and number of a motorist who reported seeing Bucchere
    and another cyclist fly through several red lights and stop signs before
    the deadly Castro district crash.
    How come Bucchere’s email account of the incident does not mention another rider shamelessly not staying to assist him?

  • Anonymous

     What I would like to see is a crackdown on “failure to yield,” as opposed to rolling through stop signs when no one’s there. The pedestrian ‘stings’ I occasionally read about are great. I think that’s something everyone can get behind.

    What I don’t understand is how people like the van driver who ran over the man in the Tenderloin aren’t cited for that. Isn’t it blatantly obvious that it happened?

  • What this basically says, is if there is video that can be posted online, or a poorly worded post-mortem email, you will get the full weight of the SFPD and DA behind you. Helmet Cam anyone?