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  • mikesonn

    Examiner, well done. Thank you!

    I was so pleased reading that editorial this morning on the train. Thank you again!

  • So far I am not thrilled with the buffered bike lanes on JFK. I always turn left onto Middle Drive from JFK and I have two options now. 1: Stay in the buffered bike lane until the crosswalk and attempt a left turn. This irks motorists because now I’m essentially cutting to the front. 2: Stay in the other lane and pretend the buffered lanes were never installed. I prefer 2, but now that there is a buffered lane I’ve had a couple motorists pass on my left giving me very little room on either side. I told one that she’d nearly hit me and she told me I shouldn’t have been there because there’s a bike lane.

  • I thanked them in the comments but I think they have since then (quite sensibly) removed the comments.

  • mikesonn

    @google-c1054b713ae4d63cc3ebaf620c20fb35:disqus I did the same and it appears they did remove the comments. For the best. The LTEs next week are going to be apocalyptic.

  • jjsmack

    I thought when they were going to build a separated bikeway on JFK that it would mean having concrete barriers and posts to separate the cars from the bikes, not these feeble painted lines. Whoa… Education with flyers? Ok, but some real enforcement with fines and towings would fix the problem in no time.

  • Yea, but don’t you think we should give people a little bit of time to get used to this? I mean, unless you’ve lived in another city with floating parking, this is completely new and there’s a learning curve. People are accustomed to parking by the curb and there is little in the design which makes it obvious to park away from the curb.

    And we don’t want curbs or posts in the road – JFK is closed to morized traffic every Sunday and most Saturdays and those items would certainly interfere with the car-free space.

  • I make that turn a lot too and I’m also a little confused how to handle it. Maybe a left turn cue box at the far/left side of the intersection?

  • jjsmack

    I thought it was universally understood that you don’t park on top of striped white lines. I’m not sure it’s a matter of needing to get used to it or that people either don’t care or don’t pay attention. Parking is relatively scarce in the park and people are inclined to break rules, especially if they see other people breaking them and it doesn’t look like there’s any real enforcement.

  • SFMTA does needs a stronger education presence (folks should be out there Saturday). It’s also a follow-the-leader game. Once a few people park the new way, most others follow suit.

    I know we’ve been waiting long, but patience.

  • Maybe…..  for now I’m just going to stay in the real lane like I would normally do. I feel  like there was an assumption made that no one bicycles that way so it didn’t need to be take into account.

  • Yeah, give it awhile. Put up signs and paint the lane, and then deal with offenders. If you go out there right away and tow away all the cars it may feel good but it will just  make people oppose new bicycle infrastructure.

  • The Greasybear

    The westbound JFK “bike lane” was closed to bike traffic when I traveled through the area a couple hours ago–like so much of San Francisco’s bike “infrastructure,” the painted lines just magically disappeared under the wheels of parked cars.

    We will see none of the safety benefits intended for riders from 8-80 until this city decides to enforce the law and reopen bike lanes to bike traffic. As of now, JFK’s double-row of parked cars means even less room–and even less safety–for bike traffic than before.