Driver Injured Woman in Crosswalk at Pine and Front Yesterday

Photo: Google Maps

A woman was injured by a driver yesterday while crossing Pine Street at Front in the Financial District, according to Streetsblog reader Patrick Carroll.

Police confirmed that the crash happened at 11:55 a.m., though they couldn’t provide details yet. Carroll said the woman was taken to a hospital in an ambulance and her condition was unknown. He also said police were “questioning a young man” whom he believes was driving a Ford Mustang.

In his email to Streetsblog, Carroll noted that Pine and Front, where two turning lanes cross the worn-down crosswalk where the woman was hit, is “a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians”:

There are many cars that make the left from northbound Front to westbound Pine.  The proximity of this intersection to Market & Front means that drivers on northbound Fremont that want to go to westbound Pine will try to get across both intersections quickly in order to make both lights.  In fact, it’s easier to jaywalk across Pine Street on the red, because there is very little car traffic going west on the unit block of Pine from Market to Front.  Something needs to be done with this intersection before someone is killed.

As we’ve noted, an average of three people are hit by cars every day in San Francisco. 899 pedestrians were injured last year, 96 percent of them by motor vehicle drivers, according to police data.

We’ll provide more details as we get them.

Photo: Patrick Carroll
  • Zack

    Another entitled car driver putting others’ lives in danger.  Of course, we likely won’t see a whisper of this in the local media.  Just keep on ignoring the bull, SF. 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t even find any mention of it on SFgate, SF Examiner, or the Bay Citizen. Apparently if the injury isn’t exotic and hence rare (e.g., by a bicycle), it doesn’t matter.

  •  You’ve conducted an investigation and concluded the driver was at fault?

  • Anonymous

    @Virginia Why does that have anything to do with it? Nobody is assigning fault but pointing out how when a cyclist hits a pedestrian (and when fault also isn’t known) all media makes it one of their top stories, yet when a motorist hits a pedestrians it’s not even mentioned. The news that is being reported here is independent of fault but just that a collision occurred. And it’s biased to only report those incidents that involve bicyclists and not those that involve cars. It does not matter who is at fault (though, once fault is determined, then that can be another at a later date).

  • There’s no excuse for speeding (Campaign by government of the Netherlands):

    Imagine these spots being shown between car ads during the super bowl.

  •  Can you imagine the outcry here if they reduced the speed limit to 18mph here and actually enforced it?  The only people driving within the 25mph limit near my home are ones trying to find a house.

  • I  don’t think if this area a speed limit. Obviously this is dangerous for pedestrians because this an intersection. Is there is no other option rather than crossing this dangerous intersection?

  • Casey O’Neill

    @yahoo-O7O5PZTXGOCIF7RBYAYPHU36XA:disqus The pedestrian was in the crosswalk, the driver was at fault.

  • Casey — so if I jump out into a crosswalk and get hit when I have a red but oncoming traffic has a green it is the driver’s fault? Obviously no one knows if that’s what happened or if the driver had a green light but I don’t like this automatic judgment before anyone has real facts about the situation.

  • Speed should be mentioned and there should,nt excuse 

  • Anonymous

    Just passed by there today, and the City is installing left turn lights!


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