Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Stripes Bike Lanes on Folsom Street in the Mission (Uptown Almanac)
  • Cyclist Who Killed Man in Castro May Face Felony Charges (SFGateABC 7)
  • BART Car Bid Evaluators Accused of Having Conflict of Interest (ABC 7)
  • SF Examiner: CPMC Cathedral Hill Plan Does “More Than Enough” to Offset Traffic Impacts
  • Left-Turning Truck Driver Collides With Muni Train in Mission Bay (BCN via SF Examiner)
  • Investigation Continues in Monday’s Muni Station Fatality at Civic Center (SF Examiner)
  • Atlantic Cities: Before Cars, Streets Were for People
  • San Mateo County Will Pay You to Bike or Take Transit to Work (Cyclelicious)
  • GG Transit District Considers Wi-Fi on Ferries (SF Examiner)
  • Palo Alto Planners Propose “Urban Trail” System Linking City to Parks (Palo Alto Online)
  • Bill Setting Cyclist Cell Phone Fine Would Also Increase Fines for Drivers (SF Examiner)

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  • mikesonn

    This. I’m getting really sick of this:

    “The e-mail was widely reported in the media and etched the image of Bucchere as one of those self-centered cyclists who routinely scoff at traffic laws.” [emphasis added]

  • So O’Leary of the SFPD feels free to publicly classify Bucchere as “reckless.” Yet he and his fellow officers feel it is beneath them to cite the motorists who run red lights,  block lanes, fail to yield to pedestrians, and speed throughout our crowded streets (often while texting or typing on a cell phone.)

    At least, I can only assume they feel it is beneath them given that I’ve witnessed all of this occur right in front of patrol cars. 

  • For a second release your brain from “Cyclists are crazy” or “Police are biased” or “Bucchere is guilty”.

    One of three things is true.
    1) The SFPD and our DA are incompetent
    2) Matier and Ross have an informant who is a incompetent
    3) M&R are re-writing the informants info

    “a motorist reported seeing Bucchere fly through several red lights and
    stop signs along Divisadero Street leading up to the intersection”

    –> Divisadero changes names to Castro at the top of a steep hill. Bucchere rode up that hill. He’s 200+ lbs, and was probably riding up Divis at 6 MPH, tops. He might have “flown” through lights on Castro, either the witness is confused, the police are confused, or M&R are taking some serious license.

    “Also, a tracker on Bucchere’s bike allegedly showed he was riding faster than 35 mph in a 25-mph zone.”

    –> iPhone GPS data that has very poor accuracy for instantaneous speed, as interpreted by Strava which does who knows what data smoothing. Meanwhile, the SFPD has a video of Bucchere riding through the intersection and from the video would be able to calculate his exact speed. The SFPD is quoting soft, inaccurate evidence instead of hard evidence. Similary, if they have his GPS data, they don’t need witness testimony (subject to inaccuracies) when they can use his GPS data to see if he stopped at any lights or stopsigns. Instantaneous speed is inaccurate but it would show clearly if he stopped. There is a stop sign one block up from the intersection. If he was accellerating through the stop sign, slam dunk. If the GPS data contradicts the witnesses account, that testimony gets thrown out.

    “On the other hand, O’Leary said the cavalier Internet postings
    attributed to Bucchere after the collision will probably not figure in
    the case against him.

    “How do you prove that it was he that wrote them?” O’Leary said.
    –> If Bucchere claimed that he didn’t write the email, you could probably blow off the vehcular manslaughter case and just go for perjury.

    There’s a lot of evidence and if M&R are to be believed, the SFPD is mishandling every piece.

  • Shmoozilla2000

    So you don’t care that his actions resulted in someone’s death?

  • Shmoozilla2000

    He killed someone. What is wrong with you people??

  • Please elucidate as to how what I wrote would be interpreted as such.

  • Shmoozilla2000

    Because you seem to be suggesting Bucchere didn’t do anything wrong. The SFPD, the DA, Matier &Ross, and Stravia on the other hand, are all wrong. What a funny world you live in.

  • mikesonn

    @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus Re-read what @twitter-14678929:disqus wrote. And actually read it this time.

  • I “seem to be suggesting”? Please give a direct quote from my comment that actually suggests that.

    I don’t care if he did or did not do anything wrong. Someone did something wrong and a man is dead. No matter who was at fault, Hui is dead.

    I want the SFPD to investigate it properly, because if Bucchere did do something wrong and they screw it up, he walks. Wouldn’t that trouble you? If he wasn’t at fault, I’m pretty sure his high priced legal team will be able to show that he wasn’t. The state should operate to the same standards.

  • Micke

    Bucchere killed someone on his bike for Godsake, that is not an easy task.  Now you tell me how this could have happened?  He was riding slow…doubt it.  He was obeying traffic laws, highly doubt it.  He layed down his bike like he said, video evidence shows another story.

  • Shmoozilla2000

    I was responding to what you didn’t say. Since you like numbering things:
    1. Hui is dead;
    2. Bucchere hit him.

  • mikesonn

    @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus is now looking at what you didn’t say. Wow.

  • Nancy Ho is dead. A truck hit her.

    The incident was investigated and the driver was not charged.

    Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough are dead. A car hit them

    The driver was charged and sentenced.

    Another thing I said was “There is a stop sign one block up from the intersection. If he was
    accellerating through the stop sign, slam dunk. If the GPS data
    contradicts the witnesses account, that testimony gets thrown out.”

    If he is at fault, he’ll probably be charged, and either plea it out or be found guilty. If he is not, he might be charged but probably be found not guilty. If he’s at fault and the SFPD/DA screw it up, he’ll be found not guilty.

    There is also the possibility that he will be legally found not at fault but we’ll all agree that he could have very easily prevented this accident from occurring. He’ll walk anyway. If that happens, I hope you will join in suggesting our state assembly implement stricter laws for vehicular mayhem – motorized or not. In fact, I hope you join that effort no matter what. Or, you could just keep blustering.

  • Here’s an example.

    This video hit the web an hour ago.

    20-30 random people watching it, using google, have narrowed down 4 of the digits from the plate, ID’ed the model of the car, narrowed the manufacturing year to 3 years based on the tail lights, and that the car has non-stock wheels. In the span of about 10 minutes. That should be plenty to find the car’s owner within an hour via the DMV.

    Berkeley PD would get this video and do what? Put a still on a piece of paper and post it on Tunnel Road?

    Thus my limited faith in the SFPD to be able to do proper detective work, no matter the culprit.

    Or as Rob Anderson would say – “The cyclists ran a stop sign at 1:18”

  • Shmoozilla2000

    Same old same old murph. Why is it worse when a car driver kills than when a cyclist does? It’s offensive to make a comparison. Mikesonn, could you use letters please? Sorry, English major. No idea what your @ stuff means but I figure if you had an argument you could use letters to express it.

  • stepping away from the keyboard

  • mikesonn

    @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus When you reference someone, you type @ then their name. Maybe your computer isn’t working correctly because my comments show “your name” then what I said.