Today’s Headlines

  • AC Transit Approves East Bay BRT from Oakland to San Leandro (CoCo Times)
  • DA to File Charges Against Cyclist Chris Bucchere (SF ExaminerKTVU, BCN via Appeal)
  • Oakland’s Youth Uprising  Music Video Promotes BRT (Youtube)
  • SF Examiner Overviews Muni TEP Proposals
  • Debate Begins on Regional Funding for Free Muni for Youth (SFGate)
  • BART GM: Bombardier Rail Car Bid Balances Cost, Quality, Jobs (SFGate)
  • Doyle Drive Closure Brings Back Fears of Carmageddon (Curbed SF, SF Examiner)
  • San Jose Bicyclist, 14, Still in Critical Condition After Collision With Truck Last Week (Mercury News)
  • San Ramon Residents Protest $102M HOV Highway Ramp Project (CoCo Times)
  • Change Your Life Ride a Bike: Return the Great Highway to People
  • Bay Area Air Quality Improves, but Still Ranks Poorly Nationally (SF Gate)

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  • Well folks, we can breathe easy – things are back to normal.


  • Adrienne Johnson

    Well.  Maybe it is time we started openly blogging these incidents with links to the various PD’s and MTA’s.  I know when I post something at Change Your Life Ride A Bike about public employees parking in protected bike lanes they come out of the woodwork to complain I am not being fair.  Perhaps that might start to get some attention.  Think i will.

  • I am glad (and surprised) both bikers could get up and walk after that happened.  Maybe there’s another explanation, but it looked like the car driver purposefully hit the bikers. And then he/she left the scene, a further admission of guilt. What about the two bicyclists (who presumably the car driver has never met, who presumably had done nothing to the car driver because the car came at them from behind) threatened/enraged the car driver so much that he/she felt he/she must harm/kill them? (Did the bicyclists make the car driver feel impotent? ashamed? inadequate? Did the car driver transfer other negative encounters with bicyclists onto these two and take revenge? Going deeper, does the bicyclists’ very vulnerability trigger the driver’s fear of his/her own vulnerability and hence the destructive urge?) We all know that trying to kill other people is illegal and immoral, but there is also an underlying psychosis/madness to this act.