MTC Committee Meetings

Agenda and Schedule

Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee 9:30 am

Administration Committee 9:45 am

  • Draft MTC FY 2012-13 Agency Budget

Programming & Allocations Committee 10 am

  • Proposed programming of $180,000 for Regional Real-Time Transit Information System Expansion

Policy Advisory Council Equity and Access Subcommittee 10:30 am

OneBayArea Equity Working Group 11:15 am

Policy Advisory Council 1:30 pm

  • Draft Final Clipper Title VI Summary Report
  • Plan Bay Area: Draft Preferred Scenario


Plan Bay Area Passes in a Room Full of Paranoid Conservative Activists

Plan Bay Area, the 25-year regional development and transportation funding strategy, was approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments last night. The commissions passed a plan that includes some highway expansions and won’t meet the region’s own goals for sustainable transportation, according to projections, but which nevertheless represents a step forward for smart […]

MTC Adopts Aggressive 15 Percent Target for Reducing Emissions by 2035

Photo: Keenahn The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), in a historic vote Wednesday that will help guide the future for more sustainable land use and transportation planning in the Bay Area, recommended a 15 percent per capita target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2035, the most aggressive goal to date among California’s metropolitan planning […]

MTC Committee Meetings

Agenda and Schedule MTC Planning Committee with the Association of Bay Area Governments Administration Committee 9:30 am Operations Committee 10 am Clipper Program Contract Actions Hub Signage Program Legislation Committee 10:15 am Special Meeting of the Association of Bay Area Governments, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Bay Conservation and Development Commission and Metropolitan Transportation Commission Joint Policy […]