Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Mandates Taxi Backseat Credit Card Readers (SFGateSF Examiner)
  • Streetscape Improvements Coming to Broadway in Chinatown (CurbedSF)
  • Burrito Justice: Why Not Keep Digging and “Loop the T-Third”?
  • Tucked-Away Public Spaces Need Upkeep by Owners (SFGate)
  • Haighteration: Are We Liking the New Duboce?
  • “Walkonomics” Web-App Ranks SF’s Walkable Streets Using Broader Measurements (PRWeb)
  • Alameda County Measure B Transpo Sales Tax Measure Makes Nov Ballot (CoCo Times)
  • Christopher Kidd: TOD at the Heart of “East Bay Development Ballet” (Sustainable City News)
  • Highway 4 Widening for eBART Extension of Pittsburg/Bay Point Line Underway (Roadshow)
  • “Hate the Commute?” Take the New Oakland – South SF Ferry Service (SM Daily Journal)
  • States Explore Milage Fees as Gas Tax Revenues Decline (USA Today)
  • GOOD Cities: Can Ditching Your Car Make You Feel More Free?

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  • mikesonn

    Nice thing about Obama being in town is there there might actually be police and/or PCOs at SoMa intersection to stop drivers from continuously “blocking the box”.

  • Anonymous

    The comments at Haighteration show it’s readership drinks the Haighterade. People’s main complaint about the bike channel (and the new bike sharrows on the rest of the Wiggle … see the similar article they put out a few weeks ago about the new sharrows) is that it’s “ugly”. Really? I actually thought the people from that neighborhood would be more supportive of bicycling, but it’s clear that almost none of them (at least that write comments on the website) ride, because almost every cyclist understands that drawing attention to bicyclists is a good thing.

    Plus, it’s weird that they really think that it is objectively ugly and not just their bias against what the street already looks like. I mean, multicolored cars all over the sides of the streets, how is that not ugly? How about bright red stop signs all over, or bright red painted curbs, or (gasp!) the big ugly blue handicapped parking markers and associated signage? Or bright yellow lines, while not as wide as the bike sharrows, are painted down the *entire* length of the middle of the road? Or how about massively bright traffic lights flashing red, green, and yellow like a fricking Christmas tree?! Or massively-sized white text saying things like “Ahead Stop” or huge white arrows painted all over? How come all those things aren’t considered ugly? Talk about a bias …. You know people have gotten desperate (not to mention are overlooking a whole lot of issues) when their main complaint against cycling infrastructure that makes streets safer and more convenient for cyclists (especially when it’s just paint!) is that it’s ugly.

  • shmoozilla

    It is a long, wide swath of ugly bright green paint, not an 8″ traffic light or a sign.

  • mikesonn

    I see a long wide swath of ugly bright and different colored cars all over the city at all hours of the day spitting out crap I have to breath.

    And now people get upset about some green paint? Whatever.

  • peternatural

    The blazing blue sky and garish green foliage are making my eyes bleed red. Maybe some black and white Google goggles are in order.

  • shmoozilla

     People who don’t like sloppily applied neon green paint hate cyclists….got it.

  • mikesonn

    @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus Why do you hate cyclists?!

  • @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus it does begin to feel as though nothing short of the complete elimination of all bicycles will appease you. No matter how many concessions are made you will find something to dislike.

  • @mikesonn s/cyclists/everyone/;

  • Anonymous

    As one of the commenters said: “”Anyway, getting back to the bike lane…hope cyclists don’t take it as a permanent green light. My understanding is that when a muni train arrives at a stop on city streets all vehicle traffic–including bicycles–must cease while people get on and off. Pedestrians are supposed to have clear passage to and from the train. Would be great if the SFBC would do some education at this intersection”

    I can hardly wait for the first N-Judah patron to get creamed by a bicyclist in the bike channel. Bikes should be required to stop when there is a streetcar at the stop.

  • @pchazzz:disqus good point..would be interesting to see what CVC says about it. Makes a lot of sense at places like 9th and Irving where you step directly into traffic which may or may not have stopped.

    Some of the surface level stops on Market are actually protected by fences to discourage access without use of the crosswalk. Cars running parallel to those stops have no requirement to stop.

  • My understanding is that when a muni train arrives at a stop on city
    streets all vehicle traffic–including bicycles–must cease while people
    get on and off.

    And where does your understanding emanate from?

  • mikesonn

    “I can hardly wait for the first N-Judah patron to get creamed by a bicyclist in the bike channel.”

    So you can prove some sick point? You are a sadistic person.

    “Some of the surface level stops on Market are actually protected by fences to discourage access without use of the crosswalk. Cars running parallel to those stops have no requirement to stop.”

    I would consider this N stop (in both directions) to be the same. There is a boarding island so that traffic on right can continue, preferably at a slower and controlled speed. This isn’t like elsewhere on the N route where passengers are dropped off in a traffic lane and routinely nearly run over by drivers.

  • @mikesonn:disqus if you look at the photos ( the barricade treatment was given to the stop on the other side of the street. I question why they didn’t apply it to both; we can point fingers if an accident happens. In the meantime I see no reason not to actively discourage riders from making rash decisions in order to catch the train.

  • Normally I stay out of these kinds of conversations, but this bickering is absurd. Bicyclists and pedestrians have been using this spot the same way for all years past. The difference now is the boarding island is wider, the roadway is narrower for bikes and painted green. In my experience the change calms bicycle traffic. To assert that that somehow means a bicycle rider will now choose to run into a pedestrian, who now has more room and is more likely to be aware of passing bike traffic, is ridiculous. Pchazzz, please go try the bike channel before making your claims.

  • mikesonn

    @google-c1054b713ae4d63cc3ebaf620c20fb35:disqus I’m not the biggest fan of those, my main complaint being that they are several inches from the edge for no reason whatsoever giving the waiting passenger less room.

    @azb324:disqus He’s gone beyond ridiculous. @pchazzz:disqus is openly wishing harm to further his vendetta against cyclists. Come on.

  • shmoozilla

     Y’all have got to be kidding. I don’t hate cyclists, I don’t want cycling to be eliminated, I like the facility on Duboce, I just don’t care for that particular shade of green.

  • mikesonn

    @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus I was kidding, I should of noted *sarcasm*. But the color grabs your attention and will make people boarding the N look for cyclists, which is the point.

  • mikesonn

    @pchazzz:disqus You almost got your wish. 

    Oh wait, it was a driver who messed up. Never mind.

  • Anonymous

    “Openly wishing harm.” Srsly, @mikesonn? Your sarcasm detectors seem to be not registering.  And Aaron, I am hardly the only one to express concerns that the bicycle enhancements might endanger pedestrians, as evidenced by the commenters at Haigheration.  Let’s hope that I am wrong.

  •  pchazzz – this worked before and your only argument that the new configuration is “more dangerous” is that the ugly green neon paint will convince cyclists to ride faster. Which is not supported by any facts.

    And you dislike the paint – yet it turns out that even this garish paint is not enough to convince car drivers that maybe they shouldn’t be driving there.

  • VCS

    The green paint is already scuffed up and stained. It will look like total shit within a year.

  • mikesonn

    It’s not working (eg driver who used it to illegally cut through the block yesterday), might as well get rid of it.

  • Shmoozilla

    A driver turning right off Church or left? Just curious. I’ve seen cars turn right off Van Ness into the westbound bike lane. Either it’s hard to see the treatment until it’s too late or people can’t resist a shortcut.

  • Anonymous

    @google-c1054b713ae4d63cc3ebaf620c20fb35:disqus  Though I’m not 100% positive, I think the reason there is a railing on one side and not the other is because the platform with railings has … cars on the other side. Stepping off the platform in front of car is so much worse than stepping in front of a bicycle.

    I’ve been riding on what is now the channel when the outbound N Judah let’s people off, and you definitely can’t fly through there since everybody seems to just cross without really caring if there are cyclists are not. They kind of just swarm the channel/road. But, as a cyclists, you just slow down (if you’re not already going slow) and it seems to work itself out with both pedestrians and cyclists giving and taking mutually. But as @azb324:disqus said, I don’t think there is really a problem there between cyclists and pedestrians and don’t suspect that will change with the new configuration. It’s also hard to go fast heading west on Duboce through the bike channel because it’s slightly uphill and you are starting off slow after just having to deal with crossing the mess that is all the Muni tracks at the intersection.

    Anyway, if people’s main complaint against the recent (and still quite modest) changes to the Wiggle with green paint is that it’s ugly, I’m going to go ahead and assume that means they don’t really have any valid criticism and just want to Haight on whoever it’s convenient to hate on when you are externalizing the true cost of cars.

  • mikesonn

    @b061ae0867336435bc888589c1dc4e26:disqus They turned left from NB Church onto WB Duboce, an already illegal turn as is. You can see this clearly from the picture.

  • @jd_x:disqus I think you’re right. I am just saying if we are THAT concerned that pedestrians are going to jump out into traffic then that may be the solution.