Today’s Headlines

  • SF Weekly Exposé Reveals Muni’s Shocking Maintenance Practices
  • Supes Approve 8 Washington (City InsiderSF Examiner)
  • Caltrain Electrification Study Touts up to $2.48B Savings, 9,500 New Jobs (SF ExaminerKTVU)
  • SFMTA Proposes $650k to Add Muni Driver Bathrooms (SF Examiner)
  • San Ramon Man Arrested in Hit-and-Run Death of Elderly Woman (NBC Bay Area)
  • AC Transit to Hand Out Free Transbay Passes to Entice New Riders (SFGate)
  • Oakland North: Residents, City Leaders Discuss Ped-Oriented Future for Broadway Auto Row
  • Roadshow: Future Ferry to South Bay a Good Idea but Unlikely
  • CAHSR Lawsuits Focus on Speed Mandate (Bay Citizen)
  • Cell Phone Ban is Reducing Distracted Driving Deaths in California (Injury Board)
  • Stanford’s Off-Peak Commute Incentives: An Alternative to Congestion Pricing? (NY Times)

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  • mikesonn

    KQED is hosting the SFMTA PR machine re: Central Subway right now. I’m opting for Euro 2012.

  • 94103er

    Quick, someone get Richard Mlynarik to call in! Argh, too late, I guess. I would’ve paid good money to hear him tear them a new one on live radio.

  • Funny that any bike story they invite Rob Anderson, but not someone like Mylnariks to a CS story.

  • Anonymous

    That Muni article explains a lot. Now how the heck can we change the situation?

  • mikesonn

    Stop the Central Subway would be a good start.

  • voltairesmistress

    That MUNI article at SFWeekly is some of the best local journalism I’ve seen.  Is there any way Streetsblog can run it as special piece on the blog?  Fantastically informative.

  • TN

    People who are interested in taking a deeper look into Muni’s troubles, ought to go find a report written for SPUR comparing MUNI to AC Transit in the 1970’s. It was written by John Sanger. The problems this report highlights are the same as those uncovered in the much earlier report. Perhaps SPUR, the MTC library or UC Berkeley’s transportation library still has a copy of this report.

    These problems have persisted regardless of the many different individuals who were the managers, regardless of the changes in the governing structure, regardless of who was Mayor or who were on the Board of Supervisors. These problems existed before the era of continual fiscal crisis brought about by Prop 13.

    It suggests to me that there is a deeper, more structural reason that MUNI continues to be dysfunctional. It is the political, social and economic structure of San Francisco that keeps MUNI the way it is. Not fixing MUNI must be serving a lot of political purposes.

  • Davistrain

    Regarding Muni maintenance: Nothing new under the sun–back around 1980 Muni had so many diesel buses on the “disabled list” that they rented 20 or 30 third-hand 1950’s vintage “old look” buses from Southern Calif.

  • voltairesmistress

    Just read that MUNI is “negotiating with business owners” to allow muni operators to use the businesses’ restrooms.  These formal agreements and building official restrooms will cost $650k.  Does this strike anyone as a bit ridiculous?  I mean, can’t drivers just ask business owners at the end of various bus lines to use the facilities?  That’s what the rest of us do.  And what business owner in their right mind would deny the local transit worker use of the bathroom?  The whole thing doesn’t make sense.  And it makes me wonder why we, as a society, tolerate this legislating/officializing of the simplest matters.  In the meantime, real transit operator needs (having a safe vehicle to drive, for example) go unmet.

  • Anonymous

    stop voting for people who are stupid. stop voting based on name ID and stupid junk mail. hold those in office accountable instead of falling for bullshit like “free Muni for the kiddies” or Twitter buses.