Today’s Headlines

  • KTVU Issues a More Thorough Report on SF’s Dangerous Streets for Peds and Bicyclists
  • Lengthy Central Subway Work Worries North Beach Locals, Vendors (SF Examiner)
  • CPMC’s New Numbers Lower Confidence in St. Luke’s Project (SFBG)
  • Oakland Hills Cyclist Not Expected To Survive After Hitting Dip, Crashing (CBS 5)
  • With Six Kids and No Car, Portland Mom Does it All By Bike (Bike Portland)
  • SFBC Staff in Vancouver Explore Protected Bikeways on Bridges, a Bicycling University, and More
  • Feds Say Arson Caused Oakland Fire That Shut Down BART (KTVU)
  • Planning Commission Approves Apartment Complex at Site of Old Central Freeway Ramp (City Insider)

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  • KTVU misidentifies the real common denominator (cars, duh) to suggest that pedestrians are being hit because they’re drunk.  Without knowing how many drunk people get home safely, there’s a missing denominator.

  • mikesonn

    Commercial before the video: car-loan business. 800-car-you-can’t-afford. I think KTVU knows money does the talking.

  • mikesonn

    Scott forgets our greatest amount of open space is wrapped up in private auto storage on our public right-of-ways. 

  • That is a real shame about the cyclist on Redwood.  This is on the stretch of Redwood headed down from Skyline to Pinehurst.  I can’t personally remember ever going _down_ that way, but I guess you can get up over 30 MPH pretty easily.  Take care out there, cyclists.

  • Anonymous

    The pathetic conclusion of the report (“The single best way to avoid being hurt or killed in the city is to stay sober, alert, and aware that you have more control of your safety than anyone else”) shows how horrendous local journalism is. They go through all this work to dig deep into the statistics, and they conclusion they make is that pedestrians should stop being drunk and are in control of their own safety?! Yet absolutely no mention of an urban design that places pedestrians, drunk or sober, in direct contact with 4000 lb vehicles with hundreds of horsepower and drivers whose senses are dulled. This junk journalism has completely lost relevance to adding anything meaningful to our society.