Driver Plows Through Bike Corral at Duboce and Valencia, Injuring Man

Photo: Erika Kali, Uptown Almanac

A car driver plowed through a bike corral on Saturday in front of Zeitgeist, a bar on the corner of Duboce Avenue and Valencia Street. The driver reportedly stopped and cooperated with police after crashing through 10 of the 11 curbside bike racks, breaking a man’s leg, and wrecking at least a dozen parked bikes, according to the Uptown Almanac, which posted photos of the carnage.

According to reports, the driver wasn’t intoxicated, and the cause of the crash is unclear. However, Duboce acts as a speedway whisking drivers through the neighborhood off the nearby Central Freeway. According to Uptown Almanac commenter P.D. Bird: “The driver of the car said that she lost control and was even using the emergency brake to try to stop. Also, not sure if she wanted to pull over, or her car could not go any further from the damage…This does nothing but prove that we need ALOT [sic] less cars and much more traffic slowing (calming).”

SFPD couldn’t say whether the driver will be cited. The victim’s injuries were reportedly non-life-threatening, and he is expected to recover.

According to police data, there were 11 crashes at the intersection in 2011, with 16 people injured. Four of those were driver-bicyclist crashes, and two of them were driver-pedestrian crashes. In one of those cases last July, a driver hit two pedestrians. Another crash was between a driver and motorcyclist, and the rest involved only automobile drivers and passengers.

This isn’t the first time Zeitgeist has had a bike corral ruined by a driver. Their previous, smaller corral on the Valencia side of the corner was also wrecked last year. An advantage of the new corral’s placement is that it daylights the corner, making it easier for drivers to see pedestrians by removing car parking. Removing the old corral also provided a Zeitgeist a loading zone on Valencia so that trucks don’t have to block the bike lane, as they often did before.

No word yet on when the bike corral will be replaced. The SF Bicycle Coalition is encouraging anyone whose bike was wrecked at the scene to file a report with the Mission Police Station and make an insurance claim.

Thanks to a reader for this submission.
  • Why wouldn’t the driver be cited? It’s not like s/he was being held at gunpoint and forced to crash into the corral. And I find it hard to believe that the car’s brake system malfunctioned.

    Sounds like negligence to me.

  • SteveS

     How much extra would it cost to put bollards instead of soft hit posts around the new design bike corrals like they did with the original one at the main library?

  • mikesonn

    I think all bike corrals should have bollards.

  • Sfo_ams

    If a bicyclist destroyed ten cars by plowing into them, the car lobby would be out for blood.  But when this happens, the driver might not even get cited.

  • Seriously. If you hit anything, how can the police not at least issue a ticket for violating the basic speed law (CVC 22350)?

  • Look, she really wanted to stop! She even applied the emergency brake. I’m sure this was really emotionally distressing for the driver — why do you want to make her feel worse?

  • Depends on the placement. Bollards are deadly hazards for bicyclists. 

  • mikesonn

    A bollard at the corners of a bike corral are deadly for cyclists? Um…

    A bollard placed in the middle of a bike path to “keep out cars” is, of course, stupid and indeed deadly. But not one around a bike corral.

  • SteveS

    Here is a picture of the corral at the main library from Bike NOPA: 

    Not only does it protect bikes and pedestrians from getting hit, I think it looks much nicer than what’s being installed now with the circle racks and the metal bollards instead of yellow and black soft hit posts and bumpers.

    If the only issue is the SFMTA budget, I bet many business would be willing to foot the cost of having a more attractive corral in front of their store. By allowing people to come up with their own designs and financing, we have ended up with some very nice parklets, whereas the MTA designed and financed corrals are bare-bones and ugly.

  • SteveS

    Forgot the link:

  • Simple solution: bollards.

  • Len Conly

    Enough is enough! It’s time to separate bicycling infrastructure from autos.  White lines on the pavement don’t cut it.  If the Dutch can do it why not here?

  • That is impressive, sounds like there must have been a catastrophic problem in her car for her to apply the emergency brake and still do that damage.  Or was she going too fast, distracted, etc?

  • I dunno if those bollards are anchored down in the concrete any further than the racks.  Let’s not find out.

  • Terry

     Unless the car has a mechanical problem the driver should be cited for driving with undue care and attention.  She was probably talking on cellphone….

  • Jeanjeudi1

    i was riding down duboce and got hit by a car that passed on the left over the double yellow line


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