Today’s Headlines

  • Expansion of Parking Permits Could Help Drivers Stuck Circling for Parking (SF Exam)
  • Countering ENUF, Advocates Launch Petition in Support of SFMTA’s Parking Meter Plans
  • Yesterday’s Cable Car Bell-Ringing Competition a “Humdinger” (SFGate)
  • More on the Embarcadero Trial Bikeway During America’s Cup (SF Exam)
  • Golden Gate Transit Might Ban Political and Religious Ads to Skirt Controversy (SF Exam)
  • Clipper Cards Now Work on Oakland and Alameda Ferries (Mercury)
  • Woman Killed by Driver While Crossing El Camino Real in Sunnyvale (Mercury)
  • SFMTA Removes Mini Gardens Hung On Parking Meters on Clement Street (Richmond SF)
  • SFBC Profile: Michael Helquist, “A Neighborhood Leader for a Safer Masonic Avenue”
  • The Bicycling Anti-Harassment Ordinance Movement Is Spreading (Press Democrat)
  • Lady Gaga Was Born to Ride a Bicycle (in Copenhagen) (Cycelicious)

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  • mikesonn

    Aaron, you missed an actual “humdinger” of a story. 

    Elderly couple doesn’t drive anywhere because they live too close to BART and don’t want to lose their parking, so they just don’t go anywhere.

    Y U NO RIDE BART?!?!

  • Ay, thanks. Sometimes there’s a delay before stories show up in the RSS feed. I added the story at the top.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t the people who park in Glen Park to use BART for a work commute all be gone by the time the couple returns home after dinner? Their story doesn’t add up.

  • mikesonn

    Exactly. Elderly couple complaining because someone will listen.

  • Guest/EL

    And if the Dubuque’s move their vehicle every 72 hours
    like they’re supposed to, couldn’t they go out at the same
    time time since they’ve already given up “their” parking space?