Today’s Headlines

  • BART Set Four Ridership Records Over Past Week (
  • Noe Valley SF Reader Reports More SFPD Parking Privilege Abuse
  • Bay Bridge West Span Bikeway Study Almost Complete, Funding Still Absent (City Insider)
  • SFMTA Studying New Policies to Reduce Private Shuttle, Muni Conflicts (SF Exam)
  • N-Judah Chronicles’ Muni T-Shirts Snuffed by Distributor for Copyright Infringement (SF Weekly)
  • Construction Starts on Haight Street Market Parklet (Uppercasing)
  • Elderly San Jose Woman Killed by Driver While Crossing Street (Mercury NewsBCN via CBS 5)
  • Walnut Creek Driver Who Ran Over Four Released From Jail, No Charges Filed (CoCo Times)
  • Pedestrian Walking on I-580 Killed by Driver (Oakland Tribune)
  • GG Transit Warns of Fewer Connections, Job Losses if Marin County Transit Severs Ties (MarinIJ)
  • Berkeley’s Bond Measure M Makes Nov Ballot, Would Raise $30M for Street Repairs (Oakland Tribune)
  • BART to Hold Public Meeting on Proposed Livermore Extension (CoCo Times)

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  • Mario Tanev

    BTW, you missed the SFGate profile of the pro-parking meter petition:

  • Anonymous

    The two petitions are neck-and-neck in terms of signatures. A great result and very unexpected.

  • mikesonn

    SFGate comments, hahahaha.

    Nice to see your petition getting mainstream recognition. Well done!

    We just need to keep reminding drivers that this is a positive for them, as well as businesses. Keep hammering the message.

  • voltairesmistress

    BART’s ever-increasing ridership in 2012 is testament to that system’s meeting two key rider needs: speed and reliability.  A BART ride is not always comfortable.  Station escalators are often out of service.  Elevators stink of urine, or worse.  Stations are generally spaced far apart and you have to hike to get to them.  But you get where you need to go fast, without incident or delay 95% of the time.  Other transit systems should look to mimic those two key facets that build ridership.  People will put up with a lot of things.

  • Sprague

    Well said.  From this rider’s perspective, BART management generally demands and expects on-time service from its train operators.  On the other hand (although most of Muni isn’t operating on a separated right-of-way), there too often appears to be a culture of disregard for Muni riders and an indifference to providing reliable service.  All of the technology (I-phones, GPS, etc.) that Muni procures in an attempt to provide more reliable service won’t probably be enough if Muni and too many of its employees don’t own the objective of providing timely service.

  • mikesonn

    Separated ROW and decent headways between trains. Oh, and dedicated revenue. BART is nice but doesn’t really scale well as is seen in ever expanding suburban service at the expense of infill stations.

  • Anonymous

    Aaron already reported on this petition first on Sept 7th, then again on Sept 11th, so I didn’t feel the need to include the SFGate article again today as well.

    Gotta love how those commenters make both the SFBC and SFTRU out to be some sort of power-mad, cash-infused cabal. I have a hard time comprehending how easily some people take “equal access for all modes” and turn it into “war on cars”.

  • Anonymous

    @jonobate:disqus Also keep in mind that the ENUF petition had a one week head start, so per day the pro-metering petition is actually getting more signatures so far.