Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

From EBBC:

Two exciting projects on are the agenda of the Oakland BPAC and boy we can’t wait to see them:

  • 14th Street Bikeway Downtown Oakland
  • Intersection of 52nd St and Shattuck Ave in north Oakland

Come find out more about these two super-important and popular bikeways that are long over due and ready to be made safe for bicycling for people of all ages and abilities.

Agenda [pdf]

On the agenda:

  • Shattuck/52nd St intersection redesign review: Staff will share the redesign of the Shattuck Ave/52nd St intersection
  • Bicycle Master Plan reaffirmation: Staff will describe the upcoming City Council staff report to reaffirm the 2007 Bicycle Master Plan (a requirement for State Bicycle Transportation Account grant funding eligibility) and take input on report components and desired outcomes
  • Bicycle Community / Public Works Agency Pavement Meeting: Midori Tabata and Jason Patton will provide a report back on the Aug 23 meeting between Public Works staff and members of the bicycle community regarding the state of Oakland’s pavement
  • 14th St Bikeway design concepts review: Staff will present preliminary ideas on the design for the 14th Street Bikeway Project, Brush St to Oak St/Lakeside Dr


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