Today’s Headlines

  • Insanely Busy Weekend Apparently Handled Pretty Well by Muni (SFGate)
  • As Visitors Flock to Bay Area Transit (SFGate), BART Breaks Record (CBS 5), Traffic Doesn’t Jam (Merc)
  • Bus vs. Bike: C.W. Nevius Races Fellow Chronicle Reporter to HSBG Festival (SFGate)
  • CA Gas Prices Hit All-Time High (CBS 5), Governor Calls for Early Sale of Winter-Blend Gas (SacBee)
  • Study: Teen Drunk Driving Down Due To High Gas Prices Over Past Two Decades (CBS 5)
  • A Brief Reminder About the Real Factors Affecting Gas Prices (CoCo Times)
  • Daly City Minivan Driver Runs Over Three In Church Parking Lot, Killing 6-Year-Old Girl (KTVU)
  • Oakland North Covers Walk and Roll to School Day in Alameda County
  • CPUC Issues “Ceast and Desist” Orders to Two Ride-Sharing App Companies (SFGate)
  • KRON‘s People Behaving Badly: Drivers Regularly Roll Through Alameda Stop Sign

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

We will be publishing lightly today and back on our regular schedule tomorrow. Happy Columbus / Indigenous People’s Day.

  • I am happily surprised to say that was a great column by Nevius.  Of course biking is faster than Muni when it comes to major events in the city, especially afterwards when everyone flocks to Muni at once and you can literally wait up to an hour to get on a bus at all. (After the GG Bridge celebration last spring my husband and I biked home from the Presidio, and my kids–who thought biking was too much effort–took the bus. We got home, they called us, they still hadn’t been able to get on a bus but had walked halfway home. It was then almost eleven o’clock. My husband went and picked them up.) 

    But biking also beats Muni on an everyday level to most destinations in the city, especially if you have to make any transfers and when you consider standard wait times.  Some of the express buses and the underground between West Portal and the Embarcadero will generally be faster than biking, but that’s about it.

    I biked to the HSBF on Friday and parked in the valet bike parking area. I thought I would have to wait forever to get my bike afterwards but the valet parking had hordes of people retrieving bikes. Only took a few minutes total. Thank you efficient valet bike parkers!

  • You missed this one: a cyclist hit by a train. Something has to be done about those reckless train engineers!

  • No kidding. SF Streetsblog is so biased. They ignored a cycling incident in Oregon yet will trumpet a driver who plowed over and killed a 6 year old way out in Daly City – I mean that might as well be Taiwan…

  • Anonymous

    Forget cycling: I can out-RUN Muni.  And I’m not even particularly quick.

  • mikesonn

    I often out-WALK Muni on Stockton. And it’s usually in the street since we can’t get real sidewalks through Chinatown apparently.