Today’s Headlines

  • More on Muni’s $700k Bus Trashed in SF Giants Celebration (SFAppeal, SFWeeklyMuniDiaries 1, 2)
  • Suspects in Muni Bus Blaze Sought by SFPD (KRON)
  • BART, Muni Increase Service, Suggest Advance Fare Purchase for Giants Parade (SFExamBART)
  • SFWeekly Lists Their Top Ten Favorite Privately-Owned Public Spaces in SF
  • How a Tenderloin Alley Was Turned Into “National Forest” (Treehugger)
  • Elderly Sonoma Driver Denies Striking Teens in Lighted Crosswalk (PressDemo)
  • No Charges For Woman Who Fatally Backed Over Homeless Man Asleep in Driveway (SFWeekly)
  • UC Legal Report Critical of Berkeley’s Measure S Sit-Lie Ban (DailyCal)
  • Roadshow Offers Safety Tips to Pedestrians, Drivers During High-Collision Halloween Night
  • More Police Killed by Cars Than Guns Over Past Decade (Greater Marin)

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[A note to our San Francisco readers from Streetsblog HQ in New York: We are all safe and sound here on the East Coast, though Angie Schmitt, who lives in Cleveland, had to take care of a massive tree that was uprooted in front of her house. The storm has disrupted our publishing schedule for the national content that we syndicate on our sites in SF, NYC, and LA, so content will be sparse today.]

  • mikesonn

    There is ZERO way that woman “backed” over the homeless man on 3rd. It is a 20+ space parking garage fronting a very busy one-way street. You pull in forward and pull out forward.

    The investigation should be reopened, someone lost their life!

  • Davistrain

    To all news media: Please do not refer to the idiot who set the Muni bus on fire as a “sports fan”.  Real sports fans do not start riots and destroy property.  Unfortunately, these events attract hooligans who look upon the gatherings as an opportunity to cause destruction.  We had a similar situation here in Southern California after the Lakers won an NBA championship.

  • mikesonn

    Could you imagine if he was on a bike?

  • Glad Streetsblog folks are all okay.  Good luck to Angie with the tree!

  • Ah, the “Real *” canard.  My group is universally good because anyone that doesn’t meet my approval isn’t “real”.

    What if some of the people lighting shit on fire attended some of the games and viewings?

  • Davistrain

    Even if they went to the game and wore team t-shirts, they’re still hooligans. 

  • Andy Chow

     Or in Vancouver when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Playoff.

  • mikesonn

    “Jolene Graniss said her son was a dedicated Giants fan”

  • Hojo

    Mike, you cannot know that. Reversing briefly in the wrong direction to pull into a parking place ot garage is allowed. A lot of people would prefer to reverse into a parking place rather than reverse out at a later time when, perhaps, it is much busier.

    And c’mon, the guy slept in a driveway. Darwin award, maybe?

  • mikesonn

    The police have since corrected themselves and said she did pull out forward.

  • Hojo

    Mike, OK, fair enough. But even so, if you are pulling out of a parking garage, maybe in the dark, you’re probably not looking out for a prone, prostrate figure slumbering in your right of way.

    You’d have to believe that an impartial jury (which no doubt you would never be selected for) would acquit, no?

  • mikesonn

    Make all the excuses you want. And who says I have to be impartial.

    I’m more upset that a person died and it was open and shut within 8 hrs and also reported erroneously. Clearly, a windshield perspective biased person as yourself can see some problem with that.

  • Mom on a bike

    From the P-D: “Ragueneau and his friend, identified by Andre Ragueneau as Tyler Malone, 13, were walking to another friend’s house when they reached the crosswalk on Fifth Street West in front of Sassarini Elementary School.
    The crosswalk was upgraded with lights last year when the city installed controversial bike lanes along Fifth Street West in an effort to ease road congestion and promote environmentally friendly modes of travel. Toby Ragueneau said he and Malone activated the lights before entering the crosswalk. He said he has no memory of being hit, just waking up in the street afterward in pain.”
    Sonoma County, meet your double-whammy ticking time bomb: Old people in cars and bad street design (i.e. door-me bike lanes instead of cycletracks).