Today’s Headlines

  • Redeveloping Parking Lots in the Mission: “Eradicating” Parking, or Making Better Use Of It? (MLocal)
  • SF Examiner Highlights BART’s Two Newest Board Members
  • Profit From New South SF Ferry Below Threshold for MTC Funding (SFExam)
  • SFMTA Still Yet to Re-Start Outreach on Parking Meters in Potrero/Dogpatch/Mission (Potrero View)
  • Installation of GG Bridge Moveable Traffic Barrier Delayed Until State Approval (CBS)
  • SFBC to Give Away Free Bike Lights Through End of Year (SFWeekly)
  • Mountain View Police to Crack Down on Drivers to Protect Bicyclists and Pedestrians (MV Voice)
  • Opening of Devils Slide Bypass Tunnel Connecting Pacifica and Half Moon Bay Delayed (CoCo Times)
  • Sonoma County Supes to Endorse Cyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance (PressDemo)
  • Santa Rosa Plan May Raise Bus Fares, Cut Service (PressDemo)
  • Alameda County’s Measure B1 Trailing, Ballots Still Being Counted (CoCo Times)
  • Mountain View Studies Bike Lanes, Traffic Calming Along Deadly Escuela Avenue (PeninsulaTranspo)
  • Stanley Roberts Catches Drivers Still Violating Hands-Free Cellphone Law

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  • Paolo Polledri

    I saw an accident, yesterday morning, involving a black SUV and a cyclist on Lincoln Boulevard in the Presidio. The SUV (Black Porsche Cayenne?) hit a cyclist and run away with the bike stuck under it. It almost hit me, while I was climbing the hill. I’d like to know if the cyclist was OK and the driver was caught. Drivers seem not to have any sense of personal responsibility.

  • mikesonn
  • I guess Stanley Roberts had to go to Marin since SFPD won’t enforce the handsfree law.

  • mikesonn

    If SFPD rode their bikes on the roads and not on the sidewalks, they’d have a clear view into cars to see drivers texting/talking/GPSing on their phones while driving. I see it EVERY DAY. I can’t recall the last ride I went on, even <10 min in duration, that I haven't someone driving and using a phone.

  • Coincidentally, I was completely amazed at the continuous string of drivers on the phone streaming off 280 onto westbound Mariposa last night.  I guess the off-ramp is where you’ve got a second to call and tell someone you’ll be there in 5-15 minutes?
    My favorite is the cross-the-body phone-hold while frantically steering a quick 90 degree turn with the free hand–I think I saw that in a kung fu movie.

  • Sprague

    New transit routes and multi-modal services are welcome improvements in the Bay Area. But with inadequate funding of existing services, costly new services should deliver the most bang for the buck.  As sexy as the South San Francisco ferry service is, the amount of public funds invested in this endeavor may have yielded better results if they’d been spent on BART late-night or early-morning weekend service instead.  An April 2011 SF Chronicle article ( gives a six month pilot program of providing one hour of additional BART service, every Friday night, to all BART stations a 1.2 million dollar price tag.  It seems clear that improvements to existing transit infrastructure should be prioritized, especially when a greater number of new riders/passenger trips stand to benefit.

  • Paolo, can you please call Officer Floyd of the US Park Police @
    415-561-5113???  They are working on it  and definitely want to get the guy who did this…

  • Russell Forthuber

    Hi Paolo,

    That was my good friend Garrett Gibson, he’s ok aside from severe concussion and getting beat up, no broken bones. Please please any information or if you remember any numbers or letters of the license plate call that phone number or me at 707-853-1148 and I’ll pass the info to Garrett and his family.

  • Anonymous

    I recently emailed Bart about extending hours. In particular, I was talking about the SFO line as the current hours of Bart make it impossible to catch early morning (6am) flights out of SFO (and to catch late night flights that arrive after about 11 pm.) I actually got a response, and their defense is that they need the ~3 hours when they don’t offer service for maintenance.

    So here’s my question: how does every other major city with subway lines that run late into the night (if not all night like NYC) and which start very early do it? What makes Bart so special?

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see that, given SFPD’s limited police force which they are always complaining is under-manned, is out making sure cyclists come to a completely useless full stop on the Wiggle and at other random, quiet intersections while drivers continue to blast through our streets distracted by cell phones (among other things). I can’t imagine where anybody would think that SFPD is biased against bicyclists to the point that they can totally overlook much more dangerous behavior on the part of motorists.

  • Abe

    There’s a war on cars! People keep throwing themselves under them!

  •  When BART says it starts at 4am, that’s when they start the train at the end of the line. It takes a while to get the train from Pittsburg to SFO. In fact, the first arrival of the day in Pittsburg is more than an hour from the first departure from Pittsburg.

    On the other hand, it is not difficult to get to Oakland Airport for a 6am flight on BART. I had done it myself.

    An alternative to add service but keeping the current maintenance window is to start a short turn train to SFO from Oakland at 4am. 

  • mikesonn

    @jd_x:disqus BART, unlike NYC etc, doesn’t have extra track. It is pretty much two tracks through most of the system so they can’t move a train over to work on a section, they pretty much have to shut it down.

  • KPerrin

    Has the driver of the Cayenne been caught yet?