Today’s Headlines

  • SUV Driver Flees With Bike on Hood After Hitting Cyclist in Presidio (KTVU)
  • Pedestrian Critically Injured by SUV Driver in Crosswalk at Fifth and Howard (CBS)
  • SF Examiner Editorial: Backlash Against Bus Arsons Shows San Franciscans Care About Muni
  • SFGate‘s John King Lauds the Architecture of a New Parking Garage in Mission Bay
  • BART Seismic Safety Work to Delay Weekend Morning Transbay Crossings (
  • Sonoma Driver With No License Pleads Not Guilty in Killing Pedestrian in Crosswalk (PressDemo)
  • Elderly San Ramon Man Critically Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver (CoCoTimes)
  • Santa Rosa Council Weighs Options for Bike/Ped Crossing for SMART Tracks (PressDemo)
  • Larkspur, St. Helena Tied for Last Place in Bay Area Pavement Quality Survey (BayCitizen)
  • CAHSR Construction From LA to Bakersfield Will Be “Project of the Century” (LATimes, KTVU)
  • Memorial This Sunday for Beloved Palo Alto Bike Advocate Ellen Fletcher (PaloAltoOnline)

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  • Anonymous

    Wait, why does Mission Bay even have a 627-space parking garage?

  • mikesonn

    The worst part, it is finished BEFORE all the buildings it is suppose to serve. How does that make sense?

  • Guest

    Based on today’s headlines, people sure can’t seem to drive very well.

  • Joel

    If they really had to build it above ground, they should have (at the very least) put in active ground floor uses. The only upside I see is that putting all the parking under one roof means fewer curb cuts. 

  • Luc

    It was finished first so that it could be used by construction workers for the hospital project.  UCSF has to provide onsite parking so as not to anger Potrero/ Dogpatch neighbors.  

    And you can’t build underground in landfill which is what all of Mission Bay is.  The hospital/ academic buildings don’t even have basements, much less underground parking. 

  • Guest

    All those “empty lots” used for parking now in the entire area is going to turn in to buildings. Where do you think all that offset parking will have to be put?

    Not to mention this is going to be a great cash cow during Giants games.

  • mikesonn

    “Not to mention this is going to be a great cash cow during Giants games.”

    Yes, let’s encourage more people to drive to AT&T Park!

  • Guest & @mikesonn:disqus
    It is very conveniently located just off of the Mariposa 280 exit (even more when the road on the east side of Caltrain goes in between Mariposa and 16th).  People already fill the free parking in the neighborhood up and walk or take the T-Third during games as it is.  I don’t think it’s changing much.

  • mikesonn

    DYK that Caltrain is conveniently located a block from AT&T Park? 🙂

    But anyway, that parking won’t be free for much longer (SFPark willing) so hopefully there is some mode shift due to that. Building a garage because it might be a cash cow ignores that cars don’t just appear in a parking garage, they travel over roads that are near capacity as it is. Also, why build the T line or Central Subway if you are just going to dump a ton of money in a parking structure at one of the main locations along the line anyway?

  • Anonymous

    And while we’re on the subject, demolish I-280 north of Mariposa, build a Caltrain station at 16th St and use that as the focal point for development on both sides of the tracks. Much better transportation investment for that location than a parking garage.

  • Anonymous

    Just today’s? Plus, to depress you even more, think about all of the injury collisions that occur every day but which never get reported to the police or covered by the local media! I hear about crashes happening locally all the time and scour the internet looking for looking for the story to no avail.