SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting


  • Pagoda Palace Lease
  • Proposed Financing Plan Overview



SFMTA Board Meeting

Agenda Of note: N-Judah bulbs on Carl St. Revising taxi standards Approval of the Central Subway Funding Plan Charging for SFMTA Employee Parking First meeting with inaugurated Director Leona Bridges

SFMTA Board of Directors Policy and Governance Committee Meeting

Agenda 6. Discussion of upcoming SFMTA Board/Parking Authority Commission items. (No explanatory documents.) Childcare permits FY11 2Q Overtime Report FY12 Budget Update and FY11 year-end projections Strategic Plan Open Taxi Access pilot program 7.  Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding the operation of the SFMTA Board of Directors/Parking Authority Commission.

This Week: Is Bay Area Transit Ready for Climate Change?

A SPUR forum on Wednesday will consider how the Bay Area can strengthen its transportation system in the face of storms and rising sea levels brought on by climate change in the coming decades. New York City was forced to confront the reality of climate change last fall when Hurricane Sandy, given added force by warmer ocean […]