Today’s Headlines

  • Sloat Pedestrian Safety Improvements Won’t Be Designed Until June 2014 (SFGate)
  • Defense Attorney: Driver That Killed Girl on Sloat Was Barely Over Legal Alcohol Limit (SF Exam)
  • Far Fewer Students Enrolled in Free Muni for Youth Than Expected (SF Examiner)
  • SFBC Rewards Good Cycling Behavior With Chocolate and a Chance to Win a Vacation (SF Weekly)
  • Witnesses Testify Against Chris Bucchere at Hearing on Bike-Pedestrian Death  (ABC, KTVU)
  • Muni to Use Shorter Buses Only on 67 Line for Next Three Months, According to Bus Driver (Bernalwood)
  • More on Supervisor Katy Tang’s Call to Curb Muni Switchbacks (SF Examiner)
  • Privatizing Public Transit Doesn’t Solve a Lot of Problems (Bay Citizen)
  • Opening Day Walk Across the New Bay Bridge Will Be Fee-Free (SF Examiner)
  • How Can SF Best Accommodate Increased Density in the Coming Decades? (SFGate, SFBG)
  • Approval of Caltrain/HSR “Blended Track” Agreement Falls Short by One Vote (
  • Menlo Park Lawyer Prepares New Lawsuit Against HSR Construction in Central Valley (Almanac)
  • Hayward City Council Votes to Eliminate Red-Light Cameras (CoCo Times)

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  • Anonymous

    Here is the link to the Lowell HS students petition to get stop signs or stop lights added to Sloat in honor of their classmate who was killed:

  • the greasybear

    Today, two different quotes from DA Gascon about two different fatal crashes present a stark picture of how the city and the media treat motorists and bicyclists quite differently.

    On cyclist Chris Bucchere facing manslaughter for hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk at speed, Gascon told the Chronicle he was “very pleased” with the judge’s ruling and called Bucchere’s conduct “really egregious.” “His need for speed … led to the death of a person,” Gascón said.

    On motorist Kieran Brewer facing manslaughter charges for hitting and killing a child in a crosswalk while driving ten miles over the speed limit and found legally drunk: “”This is a very tragic case,” Gascon said. “This is the kind of thing that happens way too often on our streets.””

    One of these quotes is not like the other.

  • mikesonn


    And we are right back to status quo BS w/ the DA’s office. Not that I’m surprised.

  • Anonymous

    You nailed it. In both cases, the need for speed led to the death of a person. I  would say you could flip the quotes across the two cases, except that deadly collisions like Bucchere’s don’t “happen way to often on our streets.”

  • Anonymous


    I agree 100% with your statement, but I find it hard to read this and then click a button that says “like”, since I very much dislike Gascon’s lack of parity.