The Future of Caltrain and High Speed Rail in San Francisco: Considering the Options

The Caltrain right of way divides thriving SOMA from emerging Mission Bay. Can the Downtown Extension (DTX) and High Speed Rail also help reconnect the city and enable the creation of new neighborhoods? Should the 4th and King station be moved to make room for development? How soon can the tracks be extended to downtown, serving many more commuters and local trips, and bringing High Speed Rail into San Francisco.

Is the current DTX design the most effective practical option, or are there opportunities to save cost and shave time from the trip to Los Angeles? The City of San Francisco is considering big changes to how Caltrain and High Speed Rail access and serve San Francisco. Come for a lively panel discussion and debate about the future of the rail corridor in San Francisco.


A rendering of the Transbay terminal with Caltrain and HSR. Image: Transbay Authority

Is the Caltrain Downtown Extension in Jeopardy too?

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story that made it appear that San Francisco County Transportation Authority  (CTA) Chairman Aaron Peskin wants to shelve the downtown extension of Caltrain, now that the Trump Administration seems to have jammed up funding for Caltrain electrification. From the Chronicle story: …without an electrified Caltrain line, there can […]