Today’s Headlines

  • SF Examiner Endorses Sup. Wiener’s Proposal for Muni Surcharge for Large Event Tickets
  • SF Examiner Columnist: Poor Muni Service Hurts SF’s Mental Health
  • Bay Bridge Opening Date Will Not Be Announced Until July 10 (SF GateKTVU)
  • Another Bay Bridge Setback: Failed Bolts on Bike Path Railing (SFGate)
  • Caltrans Under Independent Review Due to Bay Bridge Problems (KTVU)
  • Private Shuttle Company Leap Competes With Muni’s 30X Bus for Riders From the Marina (Huff Post)
  • Watch: Man Cuts His Stolen Bike Free With Pedal-Powered Angle Grinder (Youtube)
  • Prosecutors to Decide on Charges for Daly City Driver Who Killed Three Passengers (CoCo Times)
  • CHP Recommends Charges for Speeding Driver Who Killed Family Near Redwood City (Merc)
  • Manslaughter Charges Recommended for Father Who Fell Asleep at Wheel, Killing Daughters (NBC)
  • 18-Year-old Casterboard Rider Hospitalized After Car Collision in Antioch (Mercury News)

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  • Anonymous

    Re: the Bay Bridge bike path guardrail bolts issue. This was a minor issue and has already been fixed. Many people are confusing it with the giant steel rods problem, however, which remains unresolved. (

  • They fixed it yesterday?? Wow.
    (I don’t think anyone who reads the article will confuse this new issue with the other one.)

  • Richard Mlynarik

    You’re worried about a few bike lane bolts while MTC Executive Directort for Life Steve “$5 billion Bay Bridge blowout” Heminger remains unconvicted and an active threat the the public?

  • Anonymous

    One would hope the two issues could not be confused, but I’ve already had multiple conversations with people who did just that, unfortunately, so I thought I would at least point it out in advance.

  • guerilla_crosswalk