Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Passes, Parking Fines to Go Up on July 1 (SF Weekly, CBS)
  • DPW Continues Market Street Re-Paving Between Fourth and Fremont (SFGate)
  • A Few Notes From Janette Sadik-Khan’s Speech Last Week at the Golden Wheel Awards (SFGate)
  • In His Final Article at the SF Examiner, Reporter Will Reisman Races Muni One Last Time
  • Woman Dies in Minivan That Plunges Into Bay at Marina Green (KTVU)
  • Walk SF, SF Bike Coalition Directors Explain Their Mission for Safer Streets (ABC)
  • Angled Sharrows? San Franciscoize Looks at Some of the SFMTA’s Newest Bike Marking Treatments
  • Caltrain Service Shut Down Due to Brush Fire Above Tunnel in Bayview (CBS)
  • Green Caltrain Lists a Few Ways You Can Help Caltrain Secure a Stable Source of Funding
  • BART Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Extension to SFO
  • New Petition Calls for Safety Fixes at San Jose’s Taylor Street Bridge, Where Man Was Killed on Bike
  • More From Stanley Roberts‘ Tag-Along With a Police Crackdown on Drivers in San Mateo County

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  • Do we know where Will Reisman is off to? I’ve generally enjoyed his articles.

  • mikesonn

    So only parking fines are going up? Not the actual cost of parking? What is the progress of getting RPP uncoupled from admin costs? Maybe we can just raise the price of Muni fare evasion tickets for parity.

  • Oli

    Mike, SFMTA doesn’t control the cost of parking – that is up to the individual parking garage or lot, as private businesses. (Or did you mean just the city-operated parking garages?)

    The meter rates went up fairly recently as I recall and, in any event, are becoming demand-priced.

    Residential parking zones are initiated by the residents of that area, and not by SFMTA, and I believe that is the rationale for issuing permits at cost. A RPP doesn’t necessarily give you any parking at all – SFMTA can issue far more RPP’s than there are street parking spaces in that area. It just means that IF you manage to find a space, then you won’t get a ticket if you stay more than 2 hours.

    AFAIK, a RPP also doesn’t give you immunity from meter fees in your zone, so there could be an element of double-charging if RPP’s were used as revenue generators. As you know, meters are increasingly being placed in residential areas.

  • RPP is actually going up slightly… $104 to $109.

  • mikesonn

    Ah, well, then all is solved!

  • Word is he’s getting a job at SamTrans. Have to confirm that though.

  • Ted King

    24 June 2013
    Muni Passes, Parking Fines to Go Up …
    MISSING LINK in the above entry – should include the following :

    Fare increase for monthly passes applies to all July passes and goes into effect at beginning of sales period the last week of June.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody remember when we had a bike counter on Market Street?