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Valencia Street

Valencia Merchants to SFMTA: We Want Curbside Protected Bike Lanes

Valencia merchants association strengthens support for getting rid of the failed center-running bike lane and replacing it as soon as possible with curbside protected lanes

A guerrilla art display punking SFMTA’s center running bike lane. Turns out the message is now proven true by SFMTA data. Photo credit anonymous.

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The Valencia Corridor Merchants Association (VCMA) is demanding that SFMTA remove the center-running bike lane and replace it with Dutch-style, curbside protected lanes.

In a letter sent to SFMTA on Monday and shared with Streetsblog, the VCMA is asking the city for (among other things):

1) The replacement of the center-running bike lane (on all eight blocks) with a side-running protected bike lane [emphasis added]
2) Restoring left-hand and right-hand turns throughout all eight blocks
2) Every attempt made to maintain as much customer parking as possible on and around Valencia

"With VCMA calling for curbside protected bike lanes, it’s critical for the City/SFMTA to immediately implement curbside protected bike lanes," wrote independent advocate Luke Bornheimer, who has lead the charge for curbside lanes since before the center lane was installed. "Curbside protected bike lanes are proven to be safer and more effective than center bikeways, and curbside parklets intuitively increase safety, comfort, and the dining/shopping experience."

In February the association sent a letter to SFMTA expressing its disapproval of the center-running lane, but did not specifically endorse an alternative. The VCMA is now on record supporting curbside protected bike lanes.

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