SF BOS Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee: Bike Theft Hearing

Agenda [PDF]

1. 130106 [Hearing – Bike Thefts]
Sponsors: Mar; Breed, Chiu and Campos
Hearing on best practices for preventing bike thefts in the City and County of San Francisco and improving recovery rates.


One of the new bike racks at 16th and Mission BART. Photo: Streetsblog/Rudick

BART’s New Green Machine Bike Racks

BART has launched a pilot project at 16th Street/Mission and Pleasant Hill stations of a new type of bike storage security device. They’re called “Bike Keep” racks, but Streetsblog prefers to call them the “Green Machines.” Register to use them here. From the BART release on the new rack/Clipper-activated locking devices: A new generation of […]

On Bike Theft and Boneheads

Flickr Photo: Jym Dyer Last week I did something wholly in opposition to the tenets of common sense cycling in a city: I left my quality bicycle locked up for four days in a high bicycle theft location, in this case on 24th Street right next to the BART station. You see, last Thursday afternoon, […]