Civic Center Bike Station Delayed Another Year, Riders Left Crossing Fingers

Photo: Bryan Goebel

The bike station that was supposed to be installed at Civic Center Station in June won’t come for at least another year, according to BART Bike Program Manager Steve Beroldo. No word yet on what’s caused the delay, but Beroldo said the station hasn’t even been fully designed yet (it’s at “95 percent”). BART does have full funding to build the station, however.

The delay is sure to be a big disappointment for BART and Muni Metro riders looking for a bit more peace of mind when leaving their bikes at the station. Streetsblog SF’s founding editor, Bryan Goebel, would’ve been one of the latest victims of theft this week, had BART police not saved the day.

Goebel had parked at Civic Center to take BART to Oakland to report on the agency’s labor hearings. When he returned, he found that BART officers caught a thief stealing parts off his bike and others parked at the racks, which are accessible to anyone inside the fare gates.

In the thief’s bag, Goebel said police found his rear bike light along with “items which lead them to believe he’s been picking parts off other bikes.” The thief was arrested and will reportedly be charged with burglary.

Goebel noted that it’s “frustrating” that the only options for getting to the East Bay by bike and BART are to take his bike on the train or bike to Embarcadero — the farthest station on the east side of Market, and SF’s only BART stop with a bike station — to find secure parking. Bike stations, like those at the Downtown Berkeley, Ashby, and Fruitvale BART stations, are typically accessible only by electronic card or key and are sometimes staffed.

“Having [a bike station] at Civic Center will be so convenient when I need to go the East Bay,” Goebel said.

Until then, BART might want to consider trying to scare off thieves with a cardboard cutout of one of its officers. Seriously.

  • An example of bike parking goodness, 740 guarded spots in a minor train station in a small Dutch city. (The main train station in this city has parking for 10,000 bikes.)

    All the BART stations in San Francisco could use this kind of bike parking.

  • Anonymous

    They have the money and they cant build it for another year? Its 4 walls and a bunch of bike racks. Ive seen the one at the Embarcadero.

  • Anonymous

    The Downtown Berkeley Bike Station is a fantastic and very well-used facility, and with such a great local example it’s hard to believe BART isn’t jumping to try and replicate it at other stations, especially in SF.

    I heard that secure bike parking facilities are also being planned for the 19th Street and MacArthur stations in Oakland. Any update on the status of those?

  • Andy Chow

    I wonder why a ground level storefront is not being considered for the bike station, like the one in Berkeley. I saw plenty of empty storefronts near the Civic Center station. That way people who need to park their bikes don’t have to use the stairs or elevators to get to the underground station just to leave or pick up their bikes.

  • mikesonn

    BART *owns* the platforms/stations. BART would have to lease a storefront. BART only uses that sort of money on huge parking structures in the suburbs. QED.


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