Today’s Headlines

  • BART Labor Negotiations Continue (ExamSFGate, WeeklyABC), Politicians Unlikely to Step In (Chron)
  • San Francisco Among Cities to Get US DOT’s “Everybody is a Pedestrian” Grant (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Bus Catches Fire on 38-Geary Line for Second Time This Week (SFGateKTVU)
  • Downtown SF is Growing Without Adding Car Parking (SocketSite)
  • Pedestrian Hit by Flying Fire Hydrant in March Car Crash Sues Uber — Will They Pay Up? (SFBG)
  • SF Weekly Bike Columnist Looks at How Bike-Share Systems Deal With Helmets
  • Oakland’s New Latham Square Plaza to Open on Block of Telegraph Next Week (Curbed)
  • goBerkeley Demand-Based Parking Pricing Program Set to Launch in October (Berkeleyside)
  • SamTrans, Caltrain Look to Improve Employer and Residential Pass Programs (Green Caltrain 1, 2)
  • Caltrain Hits Car on Tracks in Redwood City, Stalling Line for an Hour; No Injuries (SFGate)
  • Dublin Adds Green Bikes Lanes in Golden Gate Drive Streetscape Improvements (CoCo Times, EBBC)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Hospitalizes Man Bicycling in Fremont (Mercury NewsABC)
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  • mikesonn

    Stan Bunger‏@BungerKCBS

    SFPD: Vehicle vs. pedestrian 25th/Fulton. Injured pedestrian en route to hospital. 5-Fulton bus delays

  • mikesonn

    *More* (more used very lightly) info.

    I’m so sick of every damn driver v ped crash have ZERO information and ZERO follow up.

  • Anonymous

    why? it’s just an unfortunate *accident* and that’s all we need to know

  • Anonymous

    Shhh…can you hear the DA sending a message to bad drivers? Can you hear it?

  • Sean Rea

    I’m sure the driver feels really bad. Why do you need to make them feel worse?

  • This location is ground zero for Outside Lands. Pretty early in the day, but I wonder if the victim was a festival worker, or a super eager fan…

  • mikesonn

    Probably on their smartphone and had it coming, right Stanley Roberts?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, the DA and the police agree as well. Texting and walking is equivalent to texting and driving to them.

  • Anonymous

    The real news on the Dublin story is that while the Golden Gate Drive project added nice, green bike lanes to the BART station connector road, there are currently no bike facilities which lead TO this street. The city is balking on a proposed road diet and bike lanes on Dublin Blvd, which would not only connect riders to and from the BART station but also to downtown shopping, parks, multiple other bike routes, the Alamo Creek Trail, Dublin city hall, bike shops, and more. Dublin can stripe all the green bike lanes they want, but if they don’t actually connect to anything then they have little to no value. More info: and