SFMTA Still Fleshing Out Details of Pilot Bike Lane Upgrades on Folsom

Folsom near Sixth Street, where the SFBC ##http://sf.streetsblog.org/2013/08/21/at-safe-streets-rally-sfpd-blocks-bike-lane-to-make-point-of-victim-blaming/##rallied for a safer Folsom## after the death of Amelie Le Moullac last month. Photo: ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfbike/9571760348/in/set-72157635170626009/##SFBC/Flickr##

The SFMTA isn’t quite ready to declare that it will expedite protected bike lanes on Folsom Street with a pilot project, but planners say they’re fleshing out the details of what near-term safety upgrades on the street could look like.

Although the SF Bicycle Coalition wrote in a blog post Friday that city officials promised them a “separated bikeway” pilot, SFMTA Livable Streets spokesperson Ben Jose told us that the agency “has not yet committed to any specific measures at this point in time.”

“The SFMTA is exploring the technical feasibility of design options for a proposed Folsom Street pilot project,” he wrote in an email.

As we’ve reported, a conceptual plan for a two-way, parking protected bikeway on Folsom is included in the Eastern Neighborhoods Transportation Implementation Planning Study (EN TRIPS), but it’s undergoing environmental review, and construction is likely years off. Mayor Ed Lee said at the Bay Area Bike Share launch that he wanted to explore ways to expedite near-term safety improvements.

Jose said he’ll keep us posted on the details as they develop.

  • mikesonn

    Start the back pedaling!

  • This is a great development for SF cyclists, though it’s sad it sometimes takes a tragedy sometimes to move forward. Incremental visible improvements are good. Thank you Mayor Lee and the great folks at the SFMTA!

  • Anonymous

    i’m thinking it’s going to be green paint and that might be it.

  • mikesonn

    I think I heard Rose say that even green paint takes 5+ years to put on the ground. Unreal.

  • bicicletera

    As a side note, after SFBC called out SFPD for their behavior at the memorial, their lack of investigation and their lies, SFPD engaged in a form of retaliation by issuing a sudden wave of tickets to people riding bikes.

    Moral of the story: expect backlash instead of change if you call for SFPD to be accountable.

  • Anonymous

    How about SFPD start ticketing motor vehicle drivers who illegally drive in the bicycle lane? I found myself in a car yesterday at rush our going southbound on 8th St and there were at least 30 cars that knowingly used the dedicated bike lane to drive 3 or more blocks. There were dozens of bicyclists using the facility at the time, but these motorists were on the rampage and operating with impunity. The only reason separated bikeways are needed is because SFPD fails to enforce bike lanes.

  • Anonymous

    How about SFPD start ticketing motor vehicle drivers who illegally take a right turn without merging into the bicycle lane?

    That’s the violation that caused the fatality, after all…

  • Anonymous

    It is irresponsible to simply say, “cars need to merge into the bike lane if they are gong to make a right turn.” We might as well remove the bike lanes, then. It is better to say, “drivers making a right turn on a street with a bike lane must safely merge into the bike lane within the final 100′ of travel.” Otherwise, you will have automobile and truck drivers getting the mixed message that if they ever plan on turning right, they have the opportunity and responsibility to drive in the bike lane.

  • At at bare minimum, the city should paint bike boxes on Folsom now. This shouldn’t require public meetings, an EIR or any of the other delays associated with physically separated bike lanes and making Folsom 2-way (which is a great long term goal).

  • Mike

    If there’s funding, green doesn’t take 5+ years to go in.

  • mikesonn

    I’ll try to find the quote. Pretty sure it was a video posted to Streetsblog, but the interview may have been on ABC7.


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