Today’s Headlines

  • Gov. Brown Finally Signs 3-Foot Bicycle Passing Bill (SacBee, Cyclelicious, KQED, CBS)
  • Supervisor Wiener Calls for Transportation Audit of Warriors Arena From SFCTA (SF Examiner)
  • Belgian Company Launches App for Bay Area Bike Share (SF Examiner)
  • Driver Killed in Car Crash on I-80 Identified as James Tartt, 68 (SF Appeal)
  • SFMTA Approves Crosswalk Along Dangerous Crossing Along Bernal Cut Path in College Hill (GPA)
  • Adrienne at CYLRAB Not Happy With the Way SFGate Blog Used Her Photo of Her Family on Bike
  • Huckleberry Bicycles on Mid-Market Looking to Expand (Hayeswire)
  • BART Still Short on Trains Without Overtime Workers (KRON); Negotiations to Resume Monday (ABC)
  • Oakland Police Arrest Driver Who Killed Man Pushing SUV and Fled (Mercury News)
  • Byron Boy, 12, Killed by SUV Driver on Bike (SFGate, CBS); Pittsburg Toddler Hit by Driver (KTVU)
  • SMART Gets FTA Go-Ahead to Develop Larkspur Ferry Extension for “Small Starts” Grant (Marin IJ)
  • Marin Transpo Authority Must Select Greenbrae Interchange Plan This Week or Lose Funds (MIJ)

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  • Anonymous

    Poll on the Sacbee article about the 3-foot passing law: “Should motorists be required to give bicyclists 3 feet?” YES 40%, NO 60%. I sure hope all those NOs meant to indicate that more than 3 feet should be required.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not like they really think 3 feet is a bad idea, they just think that bicycles are a bad idea.

  • mikesonn

    During driver license tests, testees should be required to sit on a bike while cars pass at 50 mph w/in 3 feet so they know what it is like to nearly be killed. Then it should be repeated again and again until they get the point. No other way for a driver to understand how horrible it is to have a side mirror nearly clip your elbow.

  • Anonymous

    That, plus drive a car while passing a bicyclist who is holding a 3-foot measuring stick so they get a sense for what that distance looks like. Since drivers sit on the left in the US they tend to undercompensate when passing on the left, but overcompensate when passing on the right. I’ve had plenty of folks buzz by me on the left within inches, but when someone wants to pass me on the right to make a turn at a stop light they often hesitate even when there is plenty of room.

    How about a bike-friendly car with the driver’s side in the right? Better passes, fewer doorings. Car companies, get on it!

  • Mario Tanev

    Right, those people don’t believe that more car drivers should become bicyclists. They would probably ban bicycling on the street if they had the chance. So to them, keeping bicycling as dangerous as possible is a feature, not a bug.

  • davistrain

    According to some accounts, back in the early days of “horseless carriages” many US car builders did put the steering wheel on the right. Then Henry Ford’s plant started cranking out Model Ts by the thousands–with the steering wheel on the left, and that became the standard by sheer numbers. Today’s car builders can and do make right-hand-drive vehicles for the UK and Australia (and I think Japan); my first wife had a 1968 Toyota with a frame designed for installing the steering gear on either side. Selling such an “oddball” (to Americans) car in this country would be a major marketing challenge.

  • Anonymous

    “SMART Gets FTA Go-Ahead to Extend to Larkspur Ferry”

    Aaron: To be clear, SMART did NOT get the go-ahead to extend to Larkspur (To be fair, the IJ’s headline was equally misleading).

    The FTA only “determined that SMART is eligible to enter the project development stage for its “Small Starts” program and could one day get a government grant for the work. … the SMART proposal will have to be analyzed by the Federal Transit Administration to determine if it will be eligible for funding. It’s also likely that SMART will have to come up with matching funding to pay for the extension.”

  • How about a bike-friendly car with the driver’s side in the right?

    I’m sure USPS would be happy to sell you some of their decommissioned vehicles for a good price.

  • Anonymous

    Toddlers killed and injured by SUVs. Wow, insane. Anybody seen any outrage in the media? It’s not even on the front page of anymore. Apparently, this is just the cost of life in the suburbs and everybody is okay with that. And of course, I’m sure it was the kids’ fault anyway.

    Just insane. And then just really, really sad.

  • Guest
  • Anonymous

    I’ve even been thinking about switching my bike brakes so that the one on the right controls the front brake and the one on the left controls the rear brake. That way I can do my “right” and “left” turn signals with my left hand while still keeping my right hand on the primary (front) brake.

    Why bikes were set up with the brakes the other way around is beyond me. Perhaps the standard was developed in the UK where one would make most turn signals with the right hand?

  • Anonymous

    In the UK (and the rest of Europe) you stick your arm out to the right to indicate a right turn, and stick your arm out to the left to indicate a left turn. So despite riding on the left you wouldn’t make most turn signals with your right arm. (I actually continue to signal like this, simply because I’m used to it and a good chunk of American cyclists use this method as well.)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I signal that way too, but it would be nice to at least be able to make both a left turn and a “driver-style” right turn hand signal while still covering the front brake.