ENUF Delays Mission Parking Meters by Protesting the Wrong Ordinance

The Eastern Neighborhoods United Front, a group publicly represented by resident Mari Eliza, apparently turned out enough speakers and letters to postpone the approval of parking meters requested by merchants in the Mission at a hearing Friday.

Mari Eliza, as illustrated in San Francisco Magazine's December issue (##http://digital.modernluxury.com/publication/?i=134966&p=117##digital version here##).

But in what appears to be a misinterpretation of the hearing notice, Eliza called on residents to protest Order #5176, which is simply the mandate to post notices about the public hearing. Apparently, Eliza fixated on this phrase at the top of the hearing notices posted on poles in the neighborhood, and the people who responded repeated her error.

Up for approval at the hearing were about 80 parking meters requested by merchants in the eastern Mission, an initial step in the SFMTA’s efforts to manage parking demand and reduce the amount of drivers circling the neighborhood for a spot. The hearing officers reportedly postponed the approval of the meters after being convinced that the hearing wasn’t publicized clearly enough for residents to understand.

Eliza sent out an email declaring victory against Order #5176. Here’s her interpretation of the outcome:

NE Mission won a reprieve at the hearing!

Thanks to everyone who sent letters and comments re: Order 5176. The hearing officers agreed with everyone that there is no point in rushing a decision on installing spot parking meters in our neighborhood. NOT ONE PERSON other than SFMTA staff showed up to request the meters. Three businesses said no to spot metering.

Eliza won a Streetsie Award last year for making the most absurd argument against SFpark meters. After receiving the news that SFpark is, on balance, saving motorists money, she told the SF Examiner in December 2012, “Personally, I’m perfectly happy with the old meters. That’s how I use up all my spare change.”

As of press time, decision-makers at the SFMTA are still taking her seriously.

Here’s a scan of the notice that ENUF organized against, via Eliza’s blog:

  • URB

    Relax, San Francisco, the idiots have got this.

  • mikesonn

    “As of press time, decision-makers at the SFMTA are still taking her seriously.”


  • Anonymous

    the Loud and Stupid always get their way at City Hall. Reality takes a back seat to these folks. And supposedly SF is made up of oh so smart people. Think again!

  • foo

    What a flattering portrayal! She looks like such a nice person.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, as much as these people are setting SF back, for the first time I just realized they are doomed. Don’t get me wrong: we need to fight these anachronistic, selfish people every step of the way. But their desperation and pathetic attempts to grasp for anything they can are a sign that they are fighting a losing battle. All they are doing is delaying — they’ve got nothing when it comes to a coherent, rational argument as to why parking should be kept free/subsidized. But come on, SFMTA: step listening to their temper tantrums and do what needs to be done.

  • mikesonn

    They want the status quo so delaying is their end game. They win by doing that. The SFMTA is just giving them more fuel for the next delay fight they take up, gaining steam and power with each stumble by the powers that be.

  • ≈ Perhaps we’ve cracked the code. Just scream out a word and number — Agenda 21, Order 5176, whatever — and the city will back down.


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