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When the SFPD responded to Amelie Le Moullac’s death on Folsom Street by blaming victims and neglecting to search for key video evidence, Streetsblog was there to report on the injustice. In the wake of the incident, Streetsblog continued to shed light on the anti-bike bias entrenched among too many SFPD officers. This coverage is raising awareness of systemic problems and creating pressure for change.

With an audience that includes city supervisors and top officials at departments like the SFMTA, Planning, and the SFPD, our coverage continues to make a clear impact. Following a Streetsblog post highlighting SFPD’s continued use of the word “accident” to describe traffic crashes, the department re-named its Major Accident Investigation Team to the Major Collision Investigation Team. Streetsblog coverage helped galvanize support for safer conditions on Polk Street and Folsom Street, where the SFMTA is out this week putting the finishing touches on a new buffered bike lane. After Streetsblog highlighted the abysmal state of funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, Mayor Ed Lee pledged to put money behind the SFMTA’s Pedestrian Strategy, and Supervisor Eric Mar called a hearing on funding the Bicycle Strategy (which happened this morning).

There’s still much to be done. Crucial funding measures for safer, more reliable transportation options are expected to hit the ballot next November, and major street redesigns are in the pipeline for 2014. We know nothing changes easily here in SF — Streetsblog needs your support to keep the pressure on.

If you value Streetsblog’s work countering misinformation spread by opponents of progressive transportation policies, if you want journalism that holds city officials’ feet to the fire, please make a contribution.

For extra motivation, thanks to our friends at PUBLIC Bikes we are giving away one C7 and one V7 bicycle to two lucky readers picked out of a hat after December 31. Take a look:


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