Today’s Headlines

  • Repealing Sunday Parking Meters: Matier and Ross Still Miss the Point on Turnover (SFGate)
  • 91-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being Hit by Cement Truck in Lower Pac Heights Last Week (SFGate)
  • Rainbow Crosswalks on Castro? City Asks Residents to Weigh in on Design (BAR, ABC)
  • Proposals for Haight-Ashbury Streetscape Plan to Be Shopped at Meeting This Week (Uppercasing)
  • Sup. Avalos Bill Would Send Unclaimed Stolen Bikes to Bike Build Convivios (SF Examiner, Weekly)
  • When SFMTA’s “Handshake” With Shuttles Ends, Will Bus Stop Violators Be Ticketed? (48 Hills)
  • First Sunset Residents Un-Pave Front Yards Under Sup. Katy Tang’s Incentive Program (SF Examiner)
  • Passenger-Less BART Train De-Rails in Concord (SFGate 1, 2, KTVU, CBS)
  • State Senator Proposes Bicycle Tax (Cycelicious, UA); Cyclelicious Keeps Tabs on Bike Legislation
  • More on Sen. Steingberg’s Proposed Gas Carbon Tax (KQED); KQED Forum Discusses
  • Lawrence Expressway Plans an Opportunity to Call for Safer Streets Around Caltrain Station (PTA)
  • SPUR Examines the Vision for Silicon Valley Campus Surrounded By Housing Instead of Parking

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  • gneiss

    Another fact free opinion piece from Rebecca Solnit on what’s wrong with the city. Amazing how far afield she needs to send her work in order to get it published.

  • Jamison Wieser

    Shhhh… quiet about that bike tax, after $6 Muni fares we don’t want Mayor Lee getting any more ideas about how he can subsidize “free” parking.

  • aslevin

    Bike tax – so what is the bike mode share in DeSaulnier’s district – and why is he trying to keep it that way?

  • murphstahoe

    Maybe he’s preparing to move to another, more red district for a run at US congress.

  • Chris J.

    Don’t forget the skateboard tax, the roller blade tax, the razor scooter tax, the tricycle tax, the unicycle tax, and the sneaker tax.

  • omaryak

    Will the crosswalks on Castro be elevated? Those designs look potentially confusing to drivers otherwise. I’d rather see the normal white stripes filled in with solid colors.