Today’s Headlines

  • City to Hold Meeting on Redesigning Lombard Street Tomorrow in the Marina (Marina Times)
  • Waterfront Development Opponents Blast Wiener for Calling Hearing on Ballot Initiative (SFGate, SFBG)
  • Elderly Woman Recently Injured by Driver in the Richmond: “I Do Not Use a Cell Phone or Jaywalk”
  • SFMTA Considers Hiking F-Line Fares to $6 in Budget (Castro Biscuit)
  • Lax Parking Enforcement Lets Multi-Car Owners Hog Spots in Glen Park (One Guy Has 15!) (PBB)
  • BART Train Derailment Wasn’t Caused by Operator Error; Possibly Due to Worn Tracks (KTVU)
  • BART Produces “Survival Guide” Video for Overcrowded Trains (Business Times)
  • Daly City to Add Bike Lanes, Ped Safety Upgrades on John Daly Blvd., Pending Funding (SF Examiner)
  • GG Bridge Committee to Consider Toll Hike Proposal: FasTrak Rates to $7 by 2018 (SF Examiner)
  • Dangerous Crosswalk Outside Fremont Hospital Prompts Bill to Allow Crossing Guards (Cyclelicious)
  • Palo Alto City Council Votes to Create Program to Reduce Parking Demand (PA Online, Mercury News)
  • Architects Propose Ways for Downtown San Jose to Mix Up Its Streets (Mercury News)

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  • Mario Tanev

    The guy that has 15 cars is my neighbor. Some people call him the mayor of Chenery St. He knows everyone’s car and rings their bell if they haven’t cleared before street cleaning.

    Since SFMTA only loses money on free parking, enforcing said free parking for others is rightfully low on their priorities. All the more reason to change to properly priced parking everywhere. Then the SFMTA has its own motive to enforce compliance.

  • Andrew Samuelsen

    Lombard needs only one thing – a subway underneath it.

  • murphstahoe

    Really? So it’s unimportant that it’s difficult to cross the street on foot?

    Lombard has a lot of traffic but the vast majority of it is pass through traffic coming from somewhere a subway won’t run.

  • jonobate

    If money isn’t a constraint, sure. But given that money is a constraint, an investment in a subway only makes sense on high ridership corridors such as Geary.

    A move cost effective plan for Lombard would be to convert the center two lanes to BRT and re-route the 47 down Lombard. You might consider moving the 30 over to Lombard as well, or providing a new service linking the Marina to downtown using Lombard, Van Ness, and Geary . Then you’d have a high capacity BRT corridor with good service to downtown, Civic Center, Caltrain, and Marin/Sonoma via Golden Gate Transit.

  • jonobate

    Off topic: in the materials for the next BART board meeting is a plan to revisit serving downtown Livermore as phase 2 of the planned extension. No doubt the “Keep BART on I-580” crowd will be up in arms when they find out.