Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor to Announce “WalkFirst” Plans Today: “Now, It’s Going to Be Shovels in the Ground” (Examiner)
  • Outer Mission Street a Pothole-Filled Hazard Course for People on Bikes (SFGate)
  • SFPD Ingleside Nabs Driver Who Hit Woman at Mission and Amazon, Fled, Thanks to Witnesses
  • Debra Saunders: SFPD Policy of Releasing Impounded Cars Encourages Unlicensed Driving (SFGate)
  • Google Glass: A Potentially Dangerous Distraction for… Pedestrians, if You Ask Chuck Nevius (SFGate)
  • How the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is Working to Make Peninsula Streets Safer (SFGate)
  • Foster City Reverses Crosswalk Removal Where Girl Was Killed, But Still No Traffic Calming (SMD)
  • Burlingame Police Crack Down on Distracted Drivers (People Behaving Badly)
  • BART’s Fremont Line Shut Down After Trespassing Man Killed on Tracks in Hayward (KTVU)
  • The First Ride-Share Company to Get a State Permit to Operate is… “Summon” (SF Appeal)

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  • murphstahoe

    Saunders with more dog whistles. The piece is not about unlicensed driving, it’s a racist attack on immigrants. If she was concerned about the safety of road users with respect to unlicensed drivers, she would have been calling for allowing illegal immigrants – who we know are here in great numbers and do drive – to be able to get drivers licenses all along.

    She makes no point in her article about drunk drivers who are lose their licenses but are able to keep their cars.

  • Amanda Clark

    It doesn’t take Caltrain 8 hours to recover from a suicide (yes, my commute was screwed that day).

  • FL

    Unlicensed drivers legal or not legal should not be allowed to drive. You are just making an excuse. It’s quite hypocritical that you say everyone should bike, take transit or other non-car forms of transportation, but it’s fine for illegal immigrants to drive. Hogwash. They should be the ones to bike or take transit since they don’t need a license.

    If I were an illegal immigrant driving, I would be very careful not to break any driving laws. Police don’t just pull over people because they look like an illegal immigrant. It’s because they broke the law. You know, the ones you always complain about – speeding, running red lights, not yielding to peds. If they get caught, they should have their cars towed just like any other legal US citizen. ALL drivers get their car towed if police find they don’t have a license or it’s suspended/revoked since they are a danger to the public. No difference if they are legal or illegal.

  • murphstahoe

    Stepping away from the keyboard before Aaron banhammers me.