PLUS2 Planning and Land Use Strategies Summit: Infrastructure and the New City


The demand for modern infrastructure in California is greater than ever, as is the demand for bold leadership and solutions. New projects must take shape in a dynamic landscape and balance century-old infrastructure, declining budgets and dramatic growth in cities with the real needs of stakeholders. Urban realities must also drive solutions for
facilities management, energy and environmental management and capital projects management.

The objective of PLUS2, an event organized by LURN, is to spark critical thinking and collaboration among industry leadership while convening other stakeholders from various disciplines who can help add value to new ideas. Speakers will present solutions and best practices that enable smarter methods for designing, planning and building physical infrastructure for water, energy and transportation that is responsive to the new order. Panel discussions will include state, national and international input.

Our goal is to catalyze new thinking, and spur innovative work beyond the Summit.

Space is limited at this event, but if you’re interested in joining us, please email


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