Today’s Headlines

  • Free Parking Nuts Propose Ballot Measure for “Transportation Balance” (SFGate)
  • Man Hit by Driver at 20th and Wawona; SFPD Cracks Down on Van Ness (ABCKQEDPBB)
  • Suspect Fleeing SFPD Drags Officers With Van in the Castro (BAR)
  • Motorcyclist and Driver Collide at 16th and Guerrero; Bike Thief Nabbed One Block Away (Mission Local)
  • SFPD to Launch “Bait Bike” Campaign to Deter Thieves (SFist)
  • More on Sup. Wiener’s Push to Improve Late-Night Transit (KTVUSFBay)
  • MTC Approves Funds for East Bay Bike Share Expansion; Will Manage System (CBSCyclelicious)
  • Bike East Bay Announces 2014 Bike-Friendly Business Awards
  • Update on Development of Clipper “2.0″ Fare Integration (Green Caltrain)
  • 12-Year-Old Pacifica Boy Struck by Driver While Crossing Between Parked Cars (CoCo Times)
  • 38-Year-Old Man Struck, Killed by Amtrak Train in Richmond (CoCo Times)
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  • All San Franciscans should embrace Entirely Free Parking/Storage. All curb space and all public garage space should be entirely free! And people should be allowed to store whatever personal items they wish in this free space! Any person or business should be able plop down a storage bin, a parklet, benches, tents, sheds, garden equipment–even tiny houses. (Ever seen those tiny houses in the tiny house movement? With good design, you can live quite comfortably in 150 square feet.) How about mini-sleeping pods for those San Francisco residents who appear to have no other form of inside habitation? None of this would look any worse at the edges of our streets than junky lines of cars do now.

    I’d guess many bike owners without indoor bike storage would be interested in buying a small smashproof bin/shed with a lock and put it on the street to safely store their bicycle. Stores could use the free curb space to sell goods, just like they do the sidewalk. The great thing about “free” is all sorts of imaginative uses pop up to take advantage of the resource!

    After all, we all pay taxes, this space belongs to all of us, and giving it to some people and not to others is hardly fair. In the end Entirely Free Parking/Storage would result in much less traffic congestion, because any car driver who found a parking spot would never leave it for fear of never finding another. Entirely Free Parking/Storage. Embrace it today!

  • Sean Rea

    Cool! The nuts are calling for “Enforcing traffic laws ‘equally for everyone using San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks.'” I’d love it if SFPD actually ticketed cars who speed, use cell phones w/o a handsfree, and run red lights and stop signs.

    I’d *almost* consider trading 24/7 free parking if it meant actually enforcing traffic laws.

  • gneiss

    I’m surprised that they didn’t include a prohibition against any new parklets being built as well.

    This business about using dedicated revenue to build new parking garages in our neighborhoods – LOL. This is one of those “build them in other people’s neighborhoods – not mine” kind of things. Maybe Forest Hill should get one. I always have trouble finding parking when I visit that neighborhood. Who needs Hawk Hill park anyway?

  • gneiss

    With all this new parking capacity freed up by these measures we should be able to finally enforce the restriction against double parking, parking in the bike lanes, and parking on sidewalks during street cleaning! Please – bring on the equal enforcement. I’m all for it.

  • davistrain

    Regarding late-night service on Muni: When I first visited SF in 1967, some of the electric streetcar lines ran all night, and there was an “owl bus” for the “J”. Furthermore you could ride them for 15 cents and get a free transfer.

  • Lego

    I’m going to have to start following you 🙂

  • Jamison Wieser

    When do we hit balance? When every car gets three spaces instead of two? A 12 foot buffer instead of 6 feet? (likely a reasonable precaution to some drivers afraid their paint might get scratched if they opened their door at the same time as the next car) Each car has its own block? Every parking space comes pre-installed with a child to run over?

  • If only they applied our new free parking methodologies to our drought situation. There would be free water for everyone all the time!

  • Sprague

    Once I can get anywhere I want to go in ten minutes and instantly find free parking then we have achieved balance. Get out of my way now.

  • IHeartPandas

    I’m 100% in favor of “transportation balance,” because this is what it really should mean:

    1. $6.4 billion for BART, which carries approximately 400k people per day. We spent that much for the East Span of the Bay Bridge, which carries approximately 250k people per day.
    2. $496 million for buffered bike lanes, daylighting at intersections, lead pedestrian intervals at cross walks, bulb-outs, and bicycle traffic signals — this is what Phase I of Doyle Drive cost.
    3. $360 million for Muni improvements — this is what Phase II of Doyle Drive cost.
    4. $417 million for better Caltrain service — this is what the 4th bore of the Caldecott tunnel cost.
    5. $439 million for more limited-stop and express Muni service — this is what the Devil’s Slide tunnel cost.
    6. $21 million for expansion of Bay Area Bike Share — this is what repaving 8.5 miles of Highway 101 in Marin will cost.

    Transportation balance sounds awesome to me. Bring it.

  • Jamison Wieser

    Another vote for expanded metering. SF Park adjusts meter rates up and down 25¢ every six weeks towards a goal of 15% availability on every block at all times.

    Many drivers ignore the evidence though and instead choose to believe that spending time and money circling for parking is better than being able to find an available space quickly.

    Before the in-ground sensors were shut down, SF Park’s own app would show drivers on a map where the cheapest parking was to be found. Thankfully the city has shut down the sensors, so we won’t be wasting money on something drives don’t appreciate anyway.

  • Jamison Wieser

    Don’t forget that SFMTA still needs to pony up for four year worth of bike network funding for the time the city was under the injunction.

    In the interest of balance the SFMTA could just cut funding for car/driving improvements for the next four years and put it all into catching up on bike lanes.

  • IHeartPandas

    Agreed, except that I think that Rob Anderson should pay for the four years of make-up bike network funding.

  • I don’t know–that bike in the ninth photo is taking up an awful lot of room. It might prevent the BMW owner from getting to his/her car.

  • djconnel

    … or who park with any part of the car overlapping the sidewalk, which is illegal. So equal enforcement? Bring it on!

  • Who’s Rob Anderson?

  • Jamison Wieser

    You’ve inspired me. I’ve created a tumblr blog dedicated to photos and links demonstrating San Franicsco already has more than ENUF Parking.