Supes, Mayor Lee Agree to Push Vehicle License Fee in 2016

Mayor Lee with Supervisors Wiener and Chiu at the Bike to Work Day press conference on May 8. Photo: Aaron Bialick

The ballot measure to restore the vehicle license fee has been postponed until 2016, under an agreement reached between Mayor Ed Lee and supervisors.

As we wrote on Friday, Supervisor Scott Wiener had considered bringing the ballot measure before the Board of Supervisors today, so that it could be approved for this November’s ballot. But Wiener said today that the mayor, who had dropped his support for the VLF this year after a poll showed it was only supported by 44 percent of voters, has agreed to help get it passed in a campaign in 2016. Wiener says the campaign will need Lee’s political support to help ensure its success.

Supervisors Eric Mar, Jane Kim, John Avalos, and David Chiu have also expressed their support for the agreement, though they noted the urgency of passing the VLF as soon as possible so that it can raise additional funds for transportation needs.

  • coolbabybookworm

    lol at the idea of Lee following through with anything. But hey, at least we’re not paying for parking on Sundays.

  • Caleb

    Kick the funding can down the road some more… Meanwhile, you’re stuck in a train that has broken down and your view of the outside world is marred by an advertising “wrap”.

  • Michael Smith

    Note that this is not actually an agreement to put anything on the ballot in 2016. This was only an agreement not to move forward with the VLF at this time. There is absolutely nothing binding about what the mayor has stated. Just as Lee has changed his mind in the past (keep in mind he “agreed” to only by the interim mayor!) he will wiggle out of this one too.

  • mike_napolis_beard

    This is the kind of agreement one can kinda, sorta, ehh, well never mind get behind!

  • Jeffrey Baker

    That’s a bit presumptions. I assume the people of SF will throw this chump out in the 2015 election.

  • Ernesto

    i would hope so but district 8 will just vote someone similar in

  • njudah

    Empty promises from Cutie Pie Mustache “Mayor.” he’s assuming a lot that he’ll be re-elected in 2015. what an arrogant douche

  • Sean

    Photo caption: Ed Lee: They told me to read from this script again, Scott: Oh god I am sick of pretending to support this guy, David Chiu: Sacramento is over there right?

  • rlrcoaster

    Sorry, but soaking motorists isn’t fair. They already pay WAY more than anyone else does. How bout we stop giving away free rides on Muni, and have more fare inspectors instead?


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